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Email Testing: Folder Management and Permissions for Your Team

The more sophisticated and diverse an email program becomes; the more important it is for marketing managers to keep things organized and oversee access to key projects. That’s definitely true during pre-deployment and email testing as each campaign goes through its final improvements before launch. 

Who can view your email testing projects? If every one of your team members or agency clients has access to everything, it could lead to confusion, or even expose sensitive information to the wrong people. Folder management and custom permissions ensure team members and clients only have direct access to the results and projects necessary. 

Most email marketers have a lot on their plates. Our industry survey with Holistic found 71% of respondents send at least two emails per week and 33% send marketing emails daily. Teams producing a large number of emails will logically have more people contributing to the efforts. That’s why Email on Acid added folder management and custom permissions into our email team management features

Folder management and custom permissions: The basics 

Email on Acid’s Team Management features scale up with the number of seats allotted to your plan. At the Basic level, all email testing projects are displayed with timestamps and thumbnail graphics on the Projects page, making them easy to find. Since project thumbnail graphics reflect the email campaign’s design, you can quickly spot an email preview you need to review. 

Email on Acid project thumbnail product screenshot
Project thumbnails and timestamps

Because Basic plans typically involve one main user, Team Management features such as custom users and permissions may not be necessary. 

However, once you start adding more people to the mix, better organization is very helpful. That’s why our Premium plan, which starts with three seats, includes folder management features. This means you can create and name folders as well as sub-folders on the Projects page.

animation of creating folders in email on acid
Folder creation in Email on Acid

If you label email copy, design files, HTML code, or segmented lists with a specific naming convention, simply reflect that structure with folder management in Email on Acid’s platform. If you have a lot of campaigns and email automations you’re testing regularly, project folder organization is a must. It gives you the flexibility to create a straightforward, user-friendly email testing archive with files that are easy to find. 

At the Professional and Enterprise levels, which start with 10 seats, Email on Acid customers have the ability to assign individual users to specific folders. This means you can grant or restrict access to folders containing groups of projects and test results. 

Professional and Enterprise customers have the highest level of control. They’re able to combine this feature with the benefits of custom users. Used together, an email marketing manager can create a user role with the ability to conduct specific tasks and limit that user’s access to folders that apply to their work. 

This is especially useful for large email teams, which makes it an ideal solution for enterprise organizations. Email on Acid’s Customer Success Manager, Geoff Traub, explained the details of how it all works in a webinar covering Team Management features

Geoff uses characters from The Office to describes how Dunder Mifflin Paper Company would take advantage of Email on Acid’s Team Management tools. So, if you’re curious about how Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, and Dwight Schrute approach email testing, check it out! 

Office GIf

Folder management for agencies 

Agencies that provide email marketing services will find huge benefits in both the organization and the ability to assign access. 

If your agency is juggling multiple campaigns for several different clients, keeping that work separated and controlling permissions could be crucial. Your clients won’t want anyone outside your team seeing their email strategy, especially if they are potential competitors. Agencies often sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to protect client confidentiality and intellectual property. These platform features make sure you’re complying with those contractual agreements during email pre-deployment processes. 

Commenting is another useful Email on Acid feature for agencies and large teams. Send shareable links to key stakeholders or client contacts for collaboration, final review, and approval of new email campaigns. Or, use the email previews to show and help explain why something isn’t displaying properly on a particular email client or device. 

Get organized and take control

Email on Acid is on a mission to make the complex tasks of email marketing simpler and stress-free. Our Team Management features give you the control you need to keep everything running smoothly.  

If you’re already using our email readiness platform, consider upgrading your plan to access more advanced Team Management features. New to Email on Acid? Contact us to set up a custom demo. Let’s find out if we’re fit! 

Built for Busy Email Teams

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