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Campaign Precheck is an automated pre-deployment checklist that gives you the tools needed to streamline and optimize your emails. Simple and easy to use, our email readiness workflow covers end-to-end content checks, deliverability, and previews—making your email review faster and less-stressful.

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Email on Acid’s unique pre-deployment checklist removes the time waste that comes with a manual review process. Campaign Precheck does the work for you, allowing you to concentrate on bigger elements, like strategy and email performance. Plus, with our preview feature you can test as many times as you need—on 100+ clients and devices—making sure your email looks perfect, before you hit send.

Don't waste time. Send great emails.

Give your subscribers the best experience possible.

From your stand-out welcome series, to promotional and transactional emails, our robust set of tools helps ensure your brand’s reputation with accessibility checks, URL validation, blacklist verifications, and more. Create a better experience for your customers by making sure your emails are polished, error-free and accessible.

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Get your customers right where you want them

Campaign precheck has become a standard in my review process. It‘s helpful to review everything in one place.

Liza Davidson, Digital Marketing Specialist

Get your emails out the door (and into inboxes) faster.

Campaign Precheck helps you create optimized, error-free messages—in less time—regardless of device, client, or subscriber preference. An easier (and foolproof) review process, our checklist supports faster times to market. Plus, there’s no coding knowledge needed, so regardless of position, team members can use our platform.

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Protect your brand, avoid costly mistakes.

Email marketing is constantly growing in complexity. So why handle it all by yourself? Let Email on Acid ensure your emails land in every inbox, render perfectly on every device, and are accessible to all subscribers—every time you hit send.

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