We’re Email On Acid.

Be courageous.
Be humble.
Give a damn.


Our Story

Sure, our name sounds edgy, but we’re serious about email QA. We live, breathe and dream in email (no, really).

Email development is anything but simple, which is why we’ve set out to create an email QA platform that makes it easy for marketers and developers to perfect their emails. Our goal is to give you a hit of email confidence every time you send a campaign, knowing that your emails will look great for every subscriber on every platform.

Colorado Companies to Watch

Winner of Colorado Companies to Watch

Email on Acid was honored as one of the 2019 Colorado Companies to Watch. It was recognized for innovation in its industry while achieving high growth.


Email on Acid has some great perks.

  • Open vacation policy
  • Remote-first culture
  • Comprehensive health coverage
  • 401k with up to 4% matching

The Email on Acid Team

John Thies
Michelle Klann
Sarah Audino
Rubina Basnyat
Jillian Carson
Danny Carranza
Tonniel Chin
Mike Dunaway
Elise Georgeson
Kristina Hitchcock
Greg Markowski
Scott Miller
Karen Piper
Angela Pritchett
Amanda Rufer
Sam Salasky
Sydney Solomon
Nicole Torres
Geoff Traub
Monica Hoyer
Natalie Villamar
Trevor Rawls
Allie Banks
Roslyn Stockwell
Betsy Grondy
Kasey Steinbrinck
Patrick Loftus
James White