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Take your email engagement tracking to the next level

Go beyond standard opens and clicks with configurable engagement-time thresholds that can be set and monitored by ISP, device, and client. As opens quickly become an unreliable performance metric, Email on Acid can filter out prefetch opens for superior engagement tracking. Learn more about your subscribers to make better decisions backed by real data.

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Engagament Tracking

Spot trends and unlock new markets with geolocation data

Dive one layer deeper into audience segments, unlock new markets, and make informed decisions around your overall program strategy. With data around unique and total clicks and opens by country, you can inform your strategy with personalized messaging and delivery while keeping an eye on actionable trends.

Geolocation Data

Understand user behavior to drive more conversions

Take engagement tracking one layer deeper with active heatmaps that provide detailed insight into where email recipients are clicking. With the ability to track unique clicks, total clicks, and click percentage across CTAs, you can make informed decisions that drive greater conversions.

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Heat Mapping

Use data and insight to create new efficiencies

With the ability to preview emails on 100+ clients and devices, you want to know you are testing only the most relevant data set. With client and device tracking, you can see data around the client, device, and environment your recipients are using to consume their emails. So, you can test and preview only the emails that make the most sense for your audience.

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