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Email in 2019: Experts Share Predictions for the Next Year in Email

Another year in email has come and gone. We had some battles with GIFs and white lines in Outlook, learned more about how Siri and Alexa read email, spread the word about email accessibility, and picked up some neat techniques for adding animations and augmented reality to email campaigns. But what’s next? We’re excited to … Continue reading “Email in 2019: Experts Share Predictions for the Next Year in Email”

Alexa and Email: How to Develop Email for Amazon’s Virtual Assistant

By John Thies Earlier this month Amazon released an update to Alexa that allows the service to access and read your emails. With that, we just got one step closer to email evolving and giving marketers the ability to provide auditory calls-to-action (ACTAs) in their email campaigns. With this initial update, you will only be able … Continue reading “Alexa and Email: How to Develop Email for Amazon’s Virtual Assistant”

How to Display Images and Offer Information in the Gmail Promotions Tab [Free Tool]

Gmail announced last week that it’s adding a new, powerful tool for email marketers: annotations for the Gmail Promotions tab. The Gmail promotions annotation – which will be gradually rolling out across mobile inboxes – allows email marketers to include additional branding and offer information when an email lands in the Promotions tab. “You guys … Continue reading “How to Display Images and Offer Information in the Gmail Promotions Tab [Free Tool]”

The Future of Email [Facebook Live Recap]

What does the future of email look like? Well, it looks a lot like interactive emails, additional GDPR-like regulations, and perhaps – gasp ­– a world without spam. Email on Acid CEO John Thies recently hopped on Facebook Live to chat about the future of email, including some exciting developments in the industry and his … Continue reading “The Future of Email [Facebook Live Recap]”

The Evolution of Email: Predictions for the Future

By John Thies We’ve seen a drastic change in email capabilities over the past couple of years. It’s been fascinating to watch. There’s dynamic content, improved segmentation, artificial intelligence (AI), email interactivity and ESPs and CRMs are becoming better integrated. All these developments are allowing email marketers to send more personalized, dynamic emails. But where … Continue reading “The Evolution of Email: Predictions for the Future”

GDPR Resources for Email Marketers

Find all the information you need about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how you can prepare for the rollout on May 25, 2018.

AMP for Email: What You Need to Know About Google’s New Interactive Email Effort

This post was originally featured on the FreshInbox blog. It is reposted here with minor edits. The email community was abuzz this week with Google’s Announcement of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Email at Google’s AMP event in Amsterdam. The development was met with excitement because AMP for Email will allow for fully interactive emails in Gmail. … Continue reading “AMP for Email: What You Need to Know About Google’s New Interactive Email Effort”

AMP for Email: What You Need to Know About Google’s New Interactive Email Effort

Google has announced plans to expand its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project to email. Learn what AMP for Email is and how it works. 

GDPR – What Email Marketers need to know

In this article, we break down exactly what email marketers need to know about the GDPR coming on 23rd May 2018. 

How We Monitored Gmail For Their Media Query Support Update

When Gmail announced they would soon support media queries, email designers were wondering when it would happen. 

We created a website that allowed visitors to be notified the second the rollout happened. This is how we did it. 

Gmail Update: Support for Embedded Styles and Media Queries has Arrived!

It’s finally here! It’s like Christmas in September for email developers!

Gmail has just released a bevy of important updates to their email
client, bringing it into the 21st century and enabling email developers
everywhere to leave behind old tools and techniques.

Gmail Announces Support for Embedded Styles and Media Queries

Gmail has long been a thorn in the side of email developers everywhere.
This client’s lack of support for embedded CSS (in the <head> of an email) has
been the main reason that all styles must be inlined before sending.

No longer! Gmail is about to make a major update to how their email client handles code. Read on to find out what changes will be made and how it might affect your emails.

Why Apple Pay for the Web is Good News for Mobile Email

Apple announced this week at their WWDC developer conference that they will be bringing Apple Pay to the Web.

This is a huge development for email because it will make mobile web transactions so much easier.

5 Predictions for Email in 2016

I can already feel it: 2016 is going to be an exciting year for email.
There’s no way to know exactly where the market will go, nevertheless
we’ve made some predictions based on current market trends.

Take a look at a few things that were gaining speed in 2015 and may well define the year to come. Accounts Begin Migration to Office 365 Interface

Touting ‘a refined inbox, new ways to collaborate, an upgraded calendar and much more,’ the migration to an Office 365 interface has begun. Some lucky (I’m using the term loosely here as we are talking about Outlook) users have already moved into the new environment while others are signing up to be next in line.

How Office 365’s Clutter Feature Affects Email Marketing

Office 365’s new ‘Clutter’ feature is here, and it’s giving email marketers an eerie sense of déjà vu. It feels like Gmail’s Promotion tab is being introduced all over again.

Read on to find out why B2B marketers will take the brunt of Clutter’s impact on inbox placement.

Email Monks: Ultimate Fashion Store Free Responsive Template

With half of email opens occurring on mobile in 2015, having responsive emails is vital to your marketing success. If your company is in need of a responsive template or just looking for a new mobile-friendly layout to add variety to its mailing strategy, look no further.

We’ve teamed up with Email Monks to bring you this Ultimate Fashion Store free responsive template.

Outlook 2016 is Coming

You may have already seen the Microsoft announcement, but in case you haven’t, we just wanted to let you know that Outlook 2016 has been announced.

The bad news? It’s still using the Word rendering engine.

Yahoo! Mail Now Supports Media Queries

Kudos to Justin Khoo at FreshInbox for starting the petition for Yahoo! to change their parser to support media queries.

Though Yahoo! has remedied the media queries issue, it looks like attribute selectors are still not supported. Is another petition in the works? Maybe. But for now, we’ll break down the changes and what they mean for you.

Adapt Your Media Queries for Apple’s New iPhone 6/6+ and Watch

On September 9th, Apple announced three new devices they’re adding to the lineup: the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and Watch.

Join us for some speculation on how this might affect media queries and email marketing.