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Email Marketing Team Management: Custom Users for Pre-Deployment Testing

If you’re in charge of managing a growing email marketing team that runs an increasingly sophisticated program, you know that keeping everything organized and under control is a challenge.

While it’s great to have a group of talented people who are eager to provide input and make improvements, email marketing team management becomes a headache when there are too many cooks in the kitchen. That is -- unless you’ve got the right tools to help!

The last place you want things to go awry is right before you’re ready to hit send on a new email marketing campaign. That’s why Email on Acid’s Team Management features include the ability to create Custom Users for plans with multiple seats.

Email on Acid user roles: The basics

There are three options for default user types in the Email on Acid platform:

  1. Read-only (unlimited)
  2. Administrator
  3. General


Read-only users do not have access to the full features of Email on Acid’s platform. This role is intended for sharing email testing projects and results throughout your organization. It’s a great way to get others involved in the pre-deployment process while restricting their ability to make any changes.

That’s a nice way of saying it keeps other people from messing with your team’s work! Read-only users are free, and you can have as many as you need. This user type is also an ideal way for agencies to share email campaign previews with their clients without the use of additional seats.


The Administrator role is meant for the main account holder. If you’re a Sr. Email Marketing Manager, you and anyone else in charge of organizing pre-send testing projects should have this user role. It provides the highest level of access to our platform’s features. However, it’s best to keep this role limited to one or two team members.

Administrators are the only user type that can add new users or customize user roles.


The General user type is what the rest of the email marketing team should be using. It allows marketing specialists, designers, and developers to take advantage of all Email on Acid’s beneficial pre-deployment features, including Campaign Precheck. Essentially, the only thing these users cannot do is add or delete other users.

However, if you’re subscribed to a Professional or Enterprise plan, Administrators can also customize the General user type with access to specific functions and capabilities.

How custom user types support email team management

Custom user types provide a simple way to help your team focus and work together more efficiently.

When you set up custom user types, General user profiles can be modified or edited with access to specific functions. See the image below for customization options:

custom users in the Email on Acid platform
Customize a user profile when creating or editing on the People page.

Once you’ve created a custom user, you can reuse that profile for other team members. Plus, you can easily toggle these profiles on and off from the platform’s People page if you need to deactivate them.

The ability to customize user permissions in Email on Acid has several key benefits. For one, you can avoid the accidental deletion of important folders and projects.

If overseeing the process of email pre-send testing is a responsibility you want to delegate to another team member, you can create a custom user profile for that. Simply check the boxes under Team Management so that a specific person can assign other users to certain folders. Or, uncheck it for team members who don’t need that functionality.

The same goes for the ability to create and edit folders with Email on Acid. When you’re juggling dozens of different email marketing campaigns, organization is key. Putting specific team members in charge of folder creation ensures consistency and findability. That way you’ll easily be able to identify and locate the testing projects that you need to review. It can be a real time-saver!

Maintain control of email testing with custom users

Custom users in the Email on Acid platform are not restricted from using any of our helpful solutions for pre-send testing. Anyone with a seat can take advantage of our automated pre-deployment checklist, deliverability and accessibility tools, email analytics, and reliable email previews.

The purpose of custom users as a team management feature is to keep your email testing projects secure and organized by giving you a little extra control.

Planning on doing some hiring soon? If you expect your email marketing team to grow, our Team Management features are a must-have when scaling up. Beyond custom users, you can also manage folders and take advantage of collaboration options for reviews and approvals. Custom user permissions are available starting with our Professional plans, which also include up to 10 users (more users can be added as needed). If you’re already a customer, you can upgrade your Email on Acid subscription at any time. If you’re new to Email on Acid, give the Professional plan a try with a free seven-day trial. Check out Email on Acid’s Pricing and Plans for more information.

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