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Email on Acid has adopted the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for our Core Cybersecurity Framework. The ISO Framework is the most widely accepted international framework for best practice adoption in computer security.

ISO 27001 Framework

At Email on Acid, we utilize the standards set forth in the ISO 27001 Framework to create the security model that is used. Our security team conducts an annual review against the ISO 27001. By implementing security controls, Email on Acid can provide a solution with robust security and operational availability.

ISO 27001 Framework

AWS Infrastructure

Email on Acid uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Infrastructure as a service. Amazon maintains multiple security certifications that are available here:

AWS Infrastructure

AES 256 Encryption

Email on Acid encrypts data at rest and in transit using the industry standard AES 256 encryption.

AES Encryption

The Chief Executive Officer oversees the Information Security Policies and Program for Email on Acid. As with all of our products, the security is addressed with three broad areas:

  • Overall corporate security and controls.
  • The environment and application.
  • The connections to the system.

The Email on Acid security program includes technical controls, operational controls as well as employee selection and education to provide an environment that is secure and state-of-the-art.

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