Email Deliverability

What to Look for in an Email Verification Tool

Marketers know how important growing a list of contacts is to the success of a business. The more people who give you permission to deliver messages to their inboxes, the more chances there are to increase revenue. That’s probably why Mailjet’s report, “Email in an evolving economy”, found that more than 45% of marketers surveyed … Continue reading “What to Look for in an Email Verification Tool”

Email Bounce Rates: Hard Bounces vs Soft Bounces

There are all sorts of reasons why an email might fail to be delivered and bounce back to the sender. Most of these reasons lie outside of your control as an email marketer, as you’ll see in a moment. But what you can control is how you respond.  Keeping your bounce rate as low as … Continue reading “Email Bounce Rates: Hard Bounces vs Soft Bounces”

What Is Inbox Placement and How Is It Calculated?

Email deliverability sometimes feels like a mirage. Your messages go on a long journey from your mail server to your subscribers’ inboxes. But it’s the last part of that journey that really matters to email marketers. That’s what inbox placement is all about. Where did the email land? The inbox? The junk folder? The promotions … Continue reading “What Is Inbox Placement and How Is It Calculated?”

Spam Traps: How to Find Them and Keep Them Off Your List

There are different types of traps for different creatures. Rat traps for rodents, bear traps for grizzlies, and spam traps for – you guessed it – spammers. Of course, an unsuspecting hiker might step into a bear trap if he goes too far off the trail. And if email senders are treading where they shouldn’t … Continue reading “Spam Traps: How to Find Them and Keep Them Off Your List”

What’s the Barracuda Spam Filter and Blocklist All About?

Is something fishy happening to your emails on the way to the inbox? This is the third entry in our series on SPAM filters: how they work, how to avoid them, and what we can learn from their output. The ‘Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall’ is a plug-in appliance that gives admins a suite of tools used to manage incoming mail. Learn how to read its headers and make sure your email passes the test.

Email Blocklists: What They Are and How to Avoid Them

We’ve said it once, and we’ll probably say it 100 times more: email deliverability is the elephant in the room for email marketing.  Blocklists play a significant role in deliverability. And as far as blocklists are concerned, email content isn’t the only factor determining if a domain is blocklisted. In this post, we’ll go over … Continue reading “Email Blocklists: What They Are and How to Avoid Them”

Clean Email Lists: How to Maintain Deliverability with Verifications

Once you have a solid email list of subscribers (developed through the techniques we describe in Spring Cleaning Part 1), it’s important to maintain it. According to Marketing Sherpa, a corporate email list has an average annual decay of 25%.

By saying goodbye to old addresses on your email list, you’ll improve your metrics and, in turn, your sender reputation and inbox placement. Read on to discover how to nurture your list for optimal deliverability and marketing success.

Is Your DMARC Policy Strong Enough to Provide Protection?

They say honesty is the best policy. But when it comes to Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance (DMARC), that’s not exactly an option. Even though there’s no right/wrong or honest/dishonest way to set up a DMARC policy, some policies are more effective at helping mailbox providers stop brand spoofing and filter potentially malicious messages. … Continue reading “Is Your DMARC Policy Strong Enough to Provide Protection?”

How to Grow Your Email List Organically for Better Deliverability

Spring has sprung. Though you may already be planning to sweep out your garage, now is a good time to give your email list a thorough cleaning, too. But first things first. Before we dig into the nitty-gritty details of cleaning and maintaining your email list, let’s talk about how to build a clean list from the start.

What is the BIMI Email Specification and Does Your Brand Need It?

Have you noticed more and more brands that have logos showing up in email inboxes and wondered what it’s all about? The short answer is BIMI. The long answer is Brand Indicators for Message Identification, which is what BIMI stands for. (Sorry about being Captain Obvious.) If you’ve never heard of this email specification before, … Continue reading “What is the BIMI Email Specification and Does Your Brand Need It?”

InboxReady’s Complete Guide to Email Deliverability Best Practices

You’ll often hear that the best email in the world has to be opened before it does any good. But an effective email strategy starts with deliverability best practices. It doesn’t matter how good your email or your subject line is if the message never makes it to your subscriber’s inbox. Email deliverability can be … Continue reading “InboxReady’s Complete Guide to Email Deliverability Best Practices”

InboxReady: Introducing the Best Way to Improve Email Deliverability

No matter how good an email design looks, how compelling the copy reads, or how perfectly a campaign renders across email clients… none of it matters if your messages aren’t delivered. Finding a way to improve email deliverability is part science and part mysterious art. Here at Email on Acid by Sinch, we’ve made it … Continue reading “InboxReady: Introducing the Best Way to Improve Email Deliverability”

What Is My SpamAssassin Score and What Does it Mean?

This is the second entry in our series on SPAM filters: how they work, how to avoid them, and what we can learn from their output. SpamAssassin is an open source, content-matching SPAM filter released under the Apache License 2.0. It uses a number of different filtering techniques, including DNS-based spam detection, Bayesian filtering, external programs, blocklists and online databases. Luckily for us, it produces a header which we can use to determine how it categorized and scored your email.

What is a DKIM Signature? The Key to Email Authentication

Do you have questions about what DKIM is and how it works? Get the inside scoop on your sender’s digital signature and what it means for your campaign’s deliverability.

Email Authentication Protocols: Your Guide to SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI

Email fraud is a big problem for brands, businesses, and consumers alike. Spammers, spoofers, and scammers who sneak their way into an inbox can cause a lot of damage. But smart, responsible email marketers can take steps to prevent disasters. That’s where email authentication protocols come to the rescue and provide a sense of security … Continue reading “Email Authentication Protocols: Your Guide to SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI”

5 Ways to Boost Your Brand’s Email Deliverability

In collaboration with Campaign Monitor Email deliverability is often an afterthought for email marketers because it seems out of their control. How can you possibly increase the percentage of email that hits an inbox? While email deliverability may seem detailed and tough to tackle, there are a few trustworthy methods you can implement to ensure … Continue reading “5 Ways to Boost Your Brand’s Email Deliverability”

Is 100% Email Deliverability Possible?

As email marketers, we’re always striving to improve our email deliverability. It’s one of those constant worries gnawing at us – will my message reach the inbox?   Recently, we were chatting deliverability on social media and came across an interesting question: “Can I achieve 100% deliverability?” This query left us scratching our heads. So, … Continue reading “Is 100% Email Deliverability Possible?”

How Email Spam Tests Work and What You Can Do to Pass Them

is an email spam test? Learn a few tips and tricks on how to test your email
and improve deliverability. 

Find and Fix Email Deliverability Issues

Sometimes it can seem like quite a challenge to figure out why your
email isn’t getting delivered.

So how can you figure out what problem is plaguing
your latest email campaign? It’s not as difficult as you might think.
The tools we offer at Email on Acid make it easy to determine the

Does Text to Image Ratio Affect Deliverability?

A best practice floating around the emailsphere is that marketers should have a 60/40 text to image ratio in their email file. So why should we email marketers and designers give a hoot about finding the perfect balance with our text and images? Because it’s all about the deliverability, baby!

Read on to see what we discovered!