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With over 1.3 billion people worldwide living with some form of disability, making emails accessible for everyone is a necessity. Let Email on Acid take the guesswork out of accessibility, helping you to create ADA compliant emails and connect with all your subscribers, regardless of device or email client.

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Our Accessibility tool does the work for you.

Our Accessibility tool automatically updates your email to better communicate with each and every one of your subscribers. We start by scanning your email HTML and design elements, then adjust the code for you, so there’s no need to send designs back to your developer or start from scratch.

We also validate your email against some of the most important accessibility guidelines, allowing you to fix any issues with just a few clicks.

Our tool does the work for you

Make email accessibility a
priority to reach more subscribers.

Subscribers with visual impairments often struggle with specific colors. Our contrast ratio function takes the guesswork out of contrast calculations—it’s all automatic—making sure subscribers see your emails as you intended.

From helping your team understand accessibility to identifying (and fixing) issues, so your emails are ADA-compliant, our Accessibility tool helps simplify and streamline your email process

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