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Pre-Send Review and Collaboration Tools for Email Teams

Managing a top-notch email marketing team looks a lot different than it did just a few years ago. While the tools and technology used in digital marketing have always made those jobs ideal for remote work, the work-from-home trend accelerated with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Many aspects of email marketing changed in 2020. That includes where we do our jobs and who we’re working with on a daily basis. As marketing teams become more distributed, we often have colleagues working in various time zones around the world. And as work and home life intermix, the importance of intuitive collaboration tools for email marketers has become very apparent. 

That’s one reason why the Email on Acid platform includes helpful Team Management features that allow you and your colleagues to work together efficiently and effectively no matter where you are. 

When you’re preparing to launch a new email campaign, communication is crucial. You need a centralized place for reviewing and approving emails before you hit send. That’s where collaboration tools for email come in handy. 

3 ways to collaborate during email pre-deployment 

With Email on Acid, your team can work back-and-forth on projects, leaving comments, suggestions, and instructions on how to fine-tune a campaign. Here’s how you can use our commenting and collaboration features to deliver email perfection. 

1. Troubleshooting email issues 

Email can be a tricky beast, and it’s the job of email marketers to tame it. One of the ongoing frustrations involves differences in the ways various email clients render HTML code. For example, what looks great in Gmail may be slightly off in Apple Mail and completely wrong in Outlook. 

That’s why pre-send email testing is so important. Email previews alert you to client rendering issues before an unsightly email goes out to your subscribers. 

When developers notice rendering problems in a screenshot from a particular client, they can send a shareable link to other developers and ask for ideas on how to remedy the situation. Someone with experience fixing a similar problem can leave a comment with helpful advice. The individual who ran the email test gets an email notification whenever a new comment is posted. 

If something is off-brand, designers can use these collaboration tools for email as well. Threaded comments let the team keep the conversation focused on one problem and solution. Plus, developers can find and fix code directly in the software using our Email Editor

Finish Adding Comment
Commenting features in Email on Acid 

While you may have run tests on dozens of different email clients, there’s no need to share every single screenshot. Email on Acid lets you select precisely which previews need review. That sort of clarity makes it much easier to narrow things down to a problematic client and troubleshoot the issue. Otherwise, team members could be sifting through a lot of email previews before they find the right one. 

2. Assigning tasks to email team members 

Collaboration tools for email marketers should also make it easy to delegate duties to specific team members. When using Email on Acid, a senior developer or any manager can also use comments to assign and explain a task to someone on the team. 

Once the task is complete, simply mark the comment as “Resolved.” (You can also easily edit or delete comments as needed.) This helps you reduce clutter and confusion as you collaborate your way to perfect emails. 

Collaboration Tools in Comments
Manage and edit comments on email previews 

3. Final review and approval 

Sometimes it takes a while to get an email looking just the way you want. Thankfully, Email on Acid offers unlimited testing with all our pricing plans. So, you can keep tweaking code and running tests until your campaign is just right. 

But when there are multiple email testing projects, how does your team know it’s finally the right time to launch an email? And how can they be sure they use the right version? 

Our collaboration tools for email make that extra easy. A green thumbs up and the changes for that email client are approved. A red thumbs down and the email still needs some work. Once it’s green thumbs up across the board, it’s time to hit send! 

If you’re the team member with the final say on what’s ready for launch, this simple feature is extremely useful. 

Thumbs Up and Down in collaboration tools for email
This preview is good to go! 

Start using collaboration tools for email pre-deployment 

Collaboration tools for email teams are a necessity when working remotely, but they’ll give in-house teams a big boost in efficiency as well.  

While some people are finally leaving home offices and heading back to the workplace, many other teams have made distributed work the norm. A Gallup poll found more than half of people working from home during the pandemic wanted to remain remote.

The ability to collaborate on email testing projects comes with Premium plans and higher. Premium plans also include project folder organization. With Professional and Enterprise plans, you’ll get even more Team Management features, including the ability to create custom user profiles, and restrict or assign users to specific folders, which further enhances organization and control. 

Email on Acid has solutions for teams of any size. From freelancers and solo email marketers to enterprise operations, our platform is designed to scale to fit your needs. If you’re already a customer and improving email team management is on your wish-list, you can upgrade your plan today. New to Email on Acid? Use the platform for free for seven days to find out more about how it simplifies the complex tasks of email marketing. 

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