Report on email errors and mistakes

Delivering Email Perfection: How Does Your Team Compare?

Whether it’s an unfortunate typo, a rendering issue, a broken link, or any other potential problem … email errors are embarrassing and costly. What’s your email team doing to avoid mistakes?

If you’ve ever wondered how your strategy and processes measure up to that of your peers, this exclusive report from Email on Acid and Holistic Marketing reveals the answers.

Find Out What the Survey Says

Email teams come in all shapes and sizes, and the pre-deployment steps different teams use to ensure email readiness are just as varied. But what really works?

In this free report, you’ll discover:

  • The methods being used to test and optimize emails.
  • The adoption rate of automated programs in email marketing.
  • How email frequency impacts the possibility for increased errors.
  • Who uses manual processes vs. state-of-the-art technology.
  • What kinds of email mistakes occur most frequently.
  • The importance of implementing a pre-deployment checklist.

Plus, we’ll break down some numbers and show you how delivering email perfection directly supports business goals and revenue.

A lot needs to happen before someone hits that “Send” button. Use this report to find out if your email team is on the right track or if you could be doing more to improve upon your existing methods.

Download it today and gain valuable insights into the state of email marketing!