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Introducing the Email on Acid Day Pass

We’re excited to announce a brand-new price offering for Email on Acid! Can we get a drumroll, please? Introducing: The Email on Acid Day Pass! The Email on Acid Day Pass is a new way for email marketers and developers to access unlimited email previews and testing. The pass costs $25 and it gives you … Continue reading “Introducing the Email on Acid Day Pass”

Love Email? Love Writing? Contribute to the Email on Acid Blog!

Are you an email geek who loves to write? We want to hear from you! Our mission at Email on Acid is to simplify the complex task of email marketing, and our blog is one of the cornerstones of that mission. We aim to help educate email developers and marketers on the latest email news … Continue reading “Love Email? Love Writing? Contribute to the Email on Acid Blog!”

How Do I Set Up a Custom Email Testing Profile?

You’ve probably heard us talk about how we offer email previews in more than 70 email clients and devices. It’s true – we’re proud of that number. But when it comes down to it, do you need to preview every email in every client? The reality is – no, probably not. If you’re leveraging your … Continue reading “How Do I Set Up a Custom Email Testing Profile?”

Email on Acid’s Free 7-Day Trial

Zero risk, zero hassle and no obligation – period!

There is always a fine line between cocky and confident. Instead of being cocky and telling you how great our email testing service is, we’ve decided to just show you instead.

Convert Special Characters to HTML Entities [Free Tool]

Coding special characters for HTML emails is one of the trickiest bits of email development. Each special character has a corresponding HTML entity; for example, the Chinese character “漢” has an HTML entity value of “漢“. This means developers often spend time looking up and memorizing code for each special character. It’s not easy! That’s … Continue reading “Convert Special Characters to HTML Entities [Free Tool]”

Getting Started: Using Your Email Test Results

Are you new to Email on Acid? Get the lowdown on how to access, analyze and troubleshoot issues in your email test results so you always get the most bang for your buck.

Email on Acid’s Give Back Day

A few times a year we step away from the office to do good in our local community. Last month, we headed to help Habitat for Humanity. 

Two New Clients Come to Email on Acid

We’re delighted to bring you two brand new email clients to Email on Acid; iPhone X and Outlook for iOS. 

Webinar Recap: Making the Case for Interactive Email: What’s Possible, Beautiful, and Relevant

We recently hosted a webinar all about interactive email; Making the Case for Interactive Email: What’s Possible, Beautiful, and Relevant. Watch the recording and get the slides here. 

Recent Changes to Email on Acid

You may have noticed a few improvements around Email on Acid this past week. In an effort to constantly improve our offerings to you, we’re always updating and tweaking our tools to suit your needs. 

Announcing the Email on Acid Chrome Extension

Check out our latest feature! Enabling you to send your email tests directly from Google Chrome. 

Introducing Email on Acid Code Repair

We’ve launched a new feature; code repair! For a small fee, we’ll fix your email.

Announcing the Email on Acid Dreamweaver Plugin

Check out our latest feature! Enabling you to send your email tests without breaking your email development workflow. 

iOS10 now available for testing

We’ve now released iOS10 testing available in Email on Acid on four different devices. 

Email Professionals Directory: Hire one today!

Email design can be incredibly frustrating. If you have coding or
marketing questions you just can’t seem to figure out, sometimes it’s
best to ask an expert.

That’s why we compiled a list of the most tried
and trusted email developers, designers and coders from our community.

EOA Experiences Largest Staff Expansion to Date

Over the past couple months, we’ve experienced rapid growth, onboarding the largest staff expansion since our inception 7 years ago. Let’s take a moment, shall we, to introduce you to the new blood pumping through EOA’s veins.

Email on Acid integrates into the Oracle Marketing AppCloud

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve teamed up with Oracle and launched an email building, testing, and tracking application. Now you are able to create, test, send and track your email campaigns in the most seamless and unified workflow.

How the Email Editor Improves Your Workflow

Email Editor is going to cut your email production time in half and vastly improve your testing workflow. In this blog, we’re going to break down, piece by piece, how to harness the power of our brand new tool to save time and money while building beautiful emails.

Presenting… An Email Editor, Instant Testing and More!

The wait is over! Our custom-built, web-based Email Editor is going to change the way you do email FOR-EV-ER. The best part? It’s totally, completely and unbelievably FREE.

We are Changing the Way You Create Emails…

Something big is coming, so get ready to have the way you build email be forever changed
(and greatly improved)!