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New Year, New UI: Check Out Email on Acid’s Updated User Interface 

Ahhhh the New Year, a time when we reinvent ourselves in hopes of a healthier, smarter, more enjoyable 365 days (366 this year). On average, a New Year's resolution lasts just under four months. Not bad! But we can do better.

At Sinch Email on Acid, our New Year's resolution is here to stay. It’s a brand-spanking new user interface (UI). That means you’ll enjoy a better user experience when you run email quality assurance (QA) with the industry-leading tools and applications you’ve come to love.

Log in now to find out for yourself or keep reading to see what you can expect.

What’s changing (and what’s not)

Don’t worry... The Email on Acid tools and applications you rely on to deliver your best are staying the same. From unlimited email testing to the full Campaign Precheck process, you’ll continue to enjoy your favorites without any changes.

So, what is new? Our team updated the look and feel of the application to make it simplified, streamlined, and more modern. We made these design decisions so that the email testing experience is easier for you, the user. Let’s take a quick look around and see some updates!

New Navigation

The redesigned sidebar navigation still showcases all your top tools and applications. The new look, however, is simplified and generally easier to navigate, prioritizing your favorite features first.

New sidebar navigation in Email on Acid

Email Previews

Like the sidebar navigation, the new email preview results screen is stripped down and streamlined. This helps you focus on how your designs and email code are rendering on more than 100 of the most popular clients and devices.

New UI for email preview results


The updated analytics dashboard now features a tabbed experience as well as improved graphic visualizations. It’s easier than ever to uncover all the most important data so you can analyze campaign performance and optimize your email strategy.

Unlike other platforms, Email on Acid’s Analytics dashboard offers detailed engagement metrics (Read, Skim, Delete) and a breakdown of the email clients your list is using to view your campaigns.

New UI for performance metrics
New UI for subscriber analytics

This new UI is for you

All of us here at Sinch Email on Acid appreciate the people who use our tools to deliver email perfection. We had you in mind as we worked to design the ideal experience for email testing.

They say, “less is more,” and that might be how you’d describe these UI updates. But it’s not a reflection of the solutions you’ll find inside. From reliable Email Previews and inbox optimizations to Accessibility checks, and features that help the entire team collaborate, you’ve got everything you need to put your best email forward.

There’s just one thing left to do... Log in and start testing.

Simplify the Email QA Process and Deliver Perfection

What’s the best way to run through your pre-send checklist? With Sinch Email on Acid’s Campaign Precheck, we’ve simplified the process and set everything up for you. Use it to double-check your content, optimize for deliverability, ensure accessibility, and preview how campaigns look on more than 100 of the most popular clients and devices. All before you hit send!

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