How to use the Projects Page

Every project you create is available on our Projects page, which is accessible via the navigation bar.

Each project will be listed by Last Edited, and you can see a thumbnail of the project, the name, and project type.

The Projects page automatically shows all projects, but you can use the dropdown to sort by specific project type, making finding your existing projects easy!

The three dots to the right will allow you to rename, move, or delete the project.

A great feature, on the upper right hand side you can start a new project.

If you have a Premium, Professional or Enterprise account, you will be able to manage folders starting on this page, as well as user folder assignment for Professional and Enterprise. Click here to learn more about people management and folders. If you are a Basic user, but this feature sounds useful, you can click Upgrade Today, to learn more!

If you are sending projects from your ESP to Email on Acid, you can locate the email address to use on the bottom left.