Save time and drive revenue by testing your email before you hit send.

Email on Acid lets you preview your email design across the most
popular clients and devices, so you know how your email will look before it hits the inbox.

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Mobile Email Testing

Email testing, simplified.

Send a test email directly from your email service provider or upload your HTML to our system. We’ll help you spot funky formatting, broken links and code problems.

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70+ Email Clients

Preview emails on mobile, desktop and tablet.

See what your email looks like on more than 70 clients and devices. View the emails in portrait or landscape so you know how your email will look for every subscriber.

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Simple Email Collaboration

Improve team collaboration.

Whether you’re an email marketer or a developer, our tools can help your team streamline the email testing process. Use the “share” link to easily send test results to team members and clients. Our mark-up tool also allows reviewers to draw or comment within the email previews.

Email Markup

Reviewers and team members can draw or comment within email previews.

Tips & Tricks

We’ll help you send an email that looks good in every client. Find code solutions for individual clients in your test result window.

Link Validation

Make sure your subscribers receive a perfect email the first time. We’ll verify every link and image reference.

Image Validation

Most email clients block images by default, so we’ll help you make sure your email makes sense with or without images.

Test emails created from scratch or from within any email service provider.