Unlimited previews on 100+ clients and devices.

Email on Acid’s email previews are on live clients—not emulations—so you can see exactly what your subscribers will see, before you send.

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Send with confidence – preview your emails on 100+ of the most popular clients and devices.

With unlimited email testing on over 100 of the most popular clients and devices, we help make sure your emails look perfect no matter how your subscribers enjoy them.

And with our dedicated team of preview developers, you can expect early-to-market updates to our preview library with the latest devices available.

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Optimize emails for light and dark mode.

Check your branding guidelines against darker backgrounds and ensure your images, text, and buttons look ok with built-in dark mode optimization.

Dark mode can be used for accessibility purposes, to reduce eye strain, and save power, but it can also seriously alter the look and feel of your email. As dark mode grows in popularity, you’ll want to ensure your email looks perfect either way.

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Test, test, (and retest) with our no-limits testing.

Test every email for every campaign without limitations! Email on Acid goes beyond previews with a full suite of content and accessibility checks, deliverability testing, and click to fix HTML editing.

Did we mention our testing is unlimited? So, you can iterate and experiment without overage fees.

Multiple devices with unlimited testing

Streamline email QA time with easier team collaboration and communication.

Whether you work for a large brand or a digital agency, email testing can get complicated. Let Email on Acid streamline your process, making testing—and team collaboration—easier. Use our tools to share test links with stakeholders, leave comments, edit, and review directly within the app for a faster and more efficient testing process.

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