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Because of Slow Load Times

Everyone is short on time (and attention). Data shows that if you don’t grab subscribers in 8 seconds or less, they move onto the next email. Large or poorly sized images can drag down open times. With Email on Acid’s Image Validation tool, you can make sure your images are proportional and sized correctly for lightning-fast open times with the click of a button.

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Enhance images for high-performing emails.

You work hard to make your emails look perfect. So why risk rendering issues or slow load times? As part of Campaign Precheck, we ensure your borders and widths are set, according to best practices, so your images render perfectly in every device or client—every time. Plus, we perform these checks BEFORE your render testing, saving you time by fixing any border and width issues upfront.

Image presets done for you

Modify GIF’s for Outlook, without
overloading your designer.

Certain email clients are trickier than others. Some clients support GIFs, while others do not, only showing the first frame of the image. Instead of limiting your email design, or choosing not to use GIFs at all, let our Image Validation tool help. Select any frame in your GIF as the starting image, and we’ll automatically rebuild your animated GIF for you, saving you (and your designer) time, while streamlining your production process.

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Making GIFs easier

Get the performance results
you’re expecting from your emails.

You need to know if your images are taking too long to load, before you click send. That’s why our Image Validation tool shows you image load times, giving you insights and options to optimize and compress your images so they load in under a second.

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Optimize image load time

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