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Optimizing Your Inbox Display

What will your email look like sitting in the inbox on Gmail, Apple, or even Yahoo!? How about on mobile devices? Not knowing how your email will display can lead to some pretty embarrassing situations. It can even lead to subscribers deleting the email before they have a chance to see what’s inside.

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Stand out in a crowded inbox

*Did you know that 35% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone? Engage your subscribers from the moment you land their inboxes with Email on Acid’s Inbox Display. Boost open rates by previewing your subject line, preheader text, and sender name—reviewing their lengths on multiple clients.

* Source: Convince&Convert

Engage your readers with catchy subject lines

There are so many elements to a successful email, why leave your validation checklist to chance?

Pre-header text. A simple, yet powerful element of emails that many marketers overlook. With our Inbox Display feature, you can see how your preheader text looks next to your subject line and sender name—making a stellar first impression with subscribers.

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