Email Testing Made Simple

Real screenshots, real fast!

Preview your email in 119 combinations of the most popular email clients and mobile devices.

Unlike web browsers, email clients are far more strict when it comes to HTML and CSS standards. Just because your email renders properly in a web browser does not mean it will render correctly in every inbox. Our email testing service allows you to preview your email in 7 operating systems, 6 web browsers, and 41 email clients - all within one click.

Everything is included!! Pay-as-you-go or sign up for unlimited testing.

Email Testing

Preview your Email

Preview your email before you send it!
We manage hundreds of servers and mobile devices to deliver you the fastest results possible. No need to sign up for multiple email accounts, borrow devices, or computers. Results are completed within 5 minutes.

Code Analysis

Our Code Analysis identifies individual lines of code that are not supported in each email client.
Discrepancies are classified as critical, moderate, or minor. Critical errors might adversely affect your layout whereas minor errors might include unsupported fonts, alt, or title tags.

Tips & Tricks

Email Testing

Use our library of tips and tricks to resolve issues - fast!
Since 2008 we've documented tons of quirky nuances that might be encountered when developing your HTML email. Details and work-a-round solutions are provided for each individual client, all from within your test result window!

  • Link & Image Validation

    We'll check to ensure that each of your link and image references are valid.

  • Auto-Process

    We pride ourselves on making testing as simple and accurate as possible. With our auto-process feature, just hit send and we'll process the test for you.

  • Email Testing

    Character Conversion

    Make sure your special characters remain intact using our free conversion tool. Here's more on that topic.

  • Code Validation (optional)

    When it comes to email, WC3 standards are more important than ever! For this reason, we run a pre-flight check on your email before we process your results.

  • Recommendations

    Using our library of known tips and tricks we'll scan through your source code and make recommendations that will improve your renderability. It's a great way to catch something you might have missed while perusing through your email testing results.

"Genius service. With rendering that I feel I can trust, it's a great time saver as it is impractical to run design tests in different mail clients via conventional means!"

John Davey ~ Freelance Design Professional, UK
the Blackberry
(8800 & 9300 Series)
the Kindle Fire
(Android 2.3)
We support the most popular
Web, Desktop & Mobile Clients!
the iPad
(iOS 5+)
the iPhone
(iOS 5+)
the Android
(Version 4+)

Learn the difference between  screen captures  and code based previews.

  • Entourage
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Outlook
  • Android
  • Yahoo!
  • BlackBerry
  • Gmail
  • Apple
  • AOL
  • Lotus Notes
Mobile Screen Captures Code Based
Android 4.4.4 - (vertical) *
Android 4.4.4 - (horizontal) *
Android Gmail - (vertical) *
BlackBerry 8800 - (vertical) *
Gmail App iOS 7 - (vertical) *
Gmail App iOS 7 - (horizontal) *
iPad 2 - (vertical) *
iPad 2 - (horizontal) *
iPad Mini - (vertical) *
iPad Mini - (horizontal) *
iPhone 5S (iOS 7) - (vertical) *
iPhone 5S (iOS 7) - (horizontal) *
iPhone 5S (iOS 8) - (vertical) *
iPhone 5S (iOS 8) - (horizontal) *
iPhone 6 (iOS 8) - (vertical) *
iPhone 6 (iOS 8) - (horizontal) *
iPhone 6+ (iOS8) - (vertical) *
iPhone 6+ (iOS8) - (horizontal) *
Web Screen Captures Code Based
AOL - Chrome (Mac) *
AOL - Firefox (Mac) *
AOL - IE 9 (Win) *
AOL - IE 10 (Win) *
AOL - IE 11 (Win) *
AOL - Safari (Mac) *
BOL - Chrome (Win) *
Comcast - Chrome (Win) *
Comcast - Firefox (Win) *
EarthLink - Chrome (Win) * - Chrome (Win) *
Gmail - Chrome (Mac) *
Gmail - Firefox (Mac) *
Gmail - IE 9 (Win) *
Gmail - IE 10 (Win) *
Gmail - IE 11 (Win) *
Gmail - Safari (Mac) *
GMX - Chrome (Win) *
Libero - Chrome (Win) * - Chrome (Win) *
Office 365 - Chrome (Win) *
Office 365 - Firefox (Win) *
Office 365 - IE 9 (Win) *
Office 365 - IE 10 (Win) *
Office 365 - IE 11 (Win) * - Chrome (Win) * - Chrome (Mac) * - Firefox (Mac) * - IE 9 (Win) * - IE 10 (Win) * - IE 11 (Win) * - Safari (Mac) * - Chrome (Win) * - Chrome (Win) *
Terra - Chrome (Win) * - Chrome (Win) *
Yahoo! - Chrome (Mac) *
Yahoo! - Firefox (Mac) *
Yahoo! - IE 10 (Win) *
Yahoo! - IE 11 (Win) *
Desktop Screen Captures Code Based
Apple Mail 7 *
Apple Mail 8 *
Live Mail *
Lotus Notes 6.5 *
Lotus Notes 7 *
Lotus Notes 8 *
Lotus Notes 8.5 *
Outlook 2003 *
Outlook 2007 *
Outlook 2010 *
Outlook 2011 *
Outlook 2013 *
Outlook 2013 (125% dpi) *
Thunderbird *
  • Flexible email testing options.

    Send us the content of your email in one of 4 different ways:

    • Send your email to your EOA account
    • Cut/paste your URL
    • Cut/paste your HTML
    • Upload a zip file

    Use absolute image references or opt-in for relative reference conversion.

  • Vertical & horizontal mobile views.

    Drag, slide, and rotate your email just like you would when viewing it in the actual device - no paging, no repeating headers! That's 4 screen captures for each rotating device:

    • Vertical with images enabled (default)
    • Vertical with image blocking
    • Horizontal with images enabled
    • Horizontal with image blocking
  • Fast, accurate, affordable.

    Real screenshots = 100% accuracy. Our average processing speed is 32.5 seconds per email client!

    We designed our pricing plans to accommodate consistent or fluctuating workloads. Pay-as-you-go or subscribe for unlimited testing services - the more you buy, the more you save!

  • Use any email service provider.

    No matter who you have chosen to send out your final email blast, our pre-deployment testing tools will help you ensure that your email looks good no matter where it is received.

    In fact, we recommend that you send your test email directly from your ESP in order to ensure the most accurate results.

  • Preview your ENTIRE email!

    Do you have a really long email? Does it wrap even longer in mobile devices? No problem! We support 7,000 pixels in height - that's 350% more pixels than our competitors!

    Each test includes up to 104 individual screen grabs - that's 509 million pixels per email test!

    Results are available in your archive for up to 3 whole months.

  • Pre-flight checks are built in.

    We don't expect you to keep up with all the trends in email renderability. When we find nuances, like the iOS "download remaining XX bytes" message - we publish a blog article, tweet about it, post it to our tips and tricks, AND add it to our pre-flight check when you run a new test!

    All this to keep you in the loop and improve the overall performance of your final email blast.

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