Email Editor

Build, edit, preview and optimize your email all in one place.

Put your development process on overdrive. Stop toggling between your ESP and text editor or creating a new test for every HTML tweak you make. Our Email Editor’s improved workflow allows you to build HTML emails and test edits in real time.

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Improved Workflow

Get instant feedback on your code with real-time previews.

Saving time on production has never been easier. Instead of copying code from a text editor and creating a new test every time you want to check your progress, just hit the retest button.

HTML Email Editor

Instant Testing

Lotus Notes
Apple Mail
And More

Image Hosting and Library

Save and reuse images across all your email templates.

Host your images with Email on Acid to make your development process seamless. Reuse images across multiple campaigns and insert new visuals with a single click. Your days of uploading images to your own server or placing image URLs into HTML are over.

image library

Revision History

Organize your email development and testing process.

Our revision history provides the quickest path to effective troubleshooting. Track, find and fix HTML issues without the fear of losing work or making a change that causes three other issues.

Revision History


Harness the power of premade or custom code snippets to complete a complex action with a single keystroke. Create, save and use your snippets to accelerate your coding process.

CSS Inliner

CSS Inliner

Some email clients (ahem, Gmail) require inline styles for your code. With the click of a button, we’ll convert all of your embedded styles and inline them so they’ll render everywhere.

Character Converter

Character Converter

Don't waste brain space memorizing or looking up special characters. Convert them to HTML entities in an instant. Just copy, paste, hit the convert button and you're set.

Abi Gedye

Email on Acid has saved me a lot of time and pain this week by providing the Email Editor. I used to dread this type of task and thanks to this new tool I can actually do my job!

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