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New Mobile Email Previews: Start Testing with the Latest from Android and iOS

We all know how important the mobile experience is in email marketing. You don’t need us to show you another statistic. All you need to do is look at your own analytics to see how often your campaigns are being opened on mobile devices.

Not only do you have to worry about mobile responsiveness, but you also need to consider how different clients, devices, and mobile operating systems will render your emails. Making that challenge even bigger is the fact that those operating systems are regularly updated.

It’s our No. 1 goal to help you keep up with those changes. That’s why Sinch Email on Acid provides screenshot previews from 100+ different clients and devices – because the more you know, the more confident you can feel when you hit send. We are proud to announce new Email Previews for the latest from Android and iOS. If you’ve got an account, you can log in now and start testing.

With the majority of the U.S. running iOS and much of the rest of the world using Android, it’s more important than ever to make sure your marketing and transactional emails are rendering properly across these devices.

New Email Previews on Android and iOS 16

In the U.S., iOS usage has a bit of an edge. According to, as of this writing, there’s a 55% to 45% split between iOS and Android. However, Android is much more popular than iOS internationally. Android lays claim to around 70% of the world’s market share.

With limited Android availability across the email testing industry, Email on Acid is excited to announce the release of email previews for the latest Android operating systems including:

  • Android 11 – Gmail on Pixel 5 (light and dark mode)
  • Android 12 – Gmail on Pixel 6 (light and dark mode)
  • Android 13 – Gmail on Pixel 6 (light and dark mode)

In addition to these new Android clients, we are also bringing Apple’s iOS 16 availability to our platform for the iPhone 14. This means you can confidently send your email campaigns to subscribers who upgrade their devices and have the latest iPhone.

  • iOS 16 – iPhone 14 (light and dark mode)
  • iOS 16 – iPhone 14 Pro (light and dark mode)
  • iOS 16 – iPhone 14 ProMax (light and dark mode)

You’ll also notice that all these new clients include dark mode email previews. That’s a big benefit for email quality assurance. With the dark mode UX gaining popularity, you’ll want to make sure your campaigns are still readable and accessible, even when mailbox providers invert your color scheme.

We won’t leave you trying to imagine what these new previews might look like, sample them live with our email preview sample page here.

How do email previews help?

Why are email previews and testing such an essential element of your email production process? Well, let’s paint a picture. You spend weeks crafting the perfect email; it’s designed well, written well, and targeting your most engaged audience – you hit send and quickly find that half of your audience is experiencing major rendering issues.  This would cause a huge dip in engagement, damage your brand’s reputation, and could easily reduce the revenue you generate from that campaign.

Email on Acid’s Email Previews allow you to see exactly how your emails will render across more than 100 different devices and clients so you can see what your subscribers will see before you send.

Our previews are on live clients, so you see exactly what your recipients will see, not what they might see. As an Email on Acid customer, you also get access to completely unlimited previews, so you don’t have to make sacrifices when it’s time to send.

If you’re already using our platform, log in now and try it out. If you’re new around here, you’re in luck. Email on Acid offers a free 7-day trial so you can see how it works for yourself. Keep reading for some tips on testing your campaigns and previewing the latest from Android and iOS.

How to Preview Emails in Android 11, 12, 13, and iOS 16

Email previews can be a quick and highly effective way to make sure your subscribers are receiving flawless emails that they can easily open and interact with, without issue. If you want to try out the new previews for yourself, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your Email on Acid account. On the left-hand navigation menu under Campaign Precheck, select Start Testing
Email on Acid platform screenshot start testing for Android 13 and IOS 16.
  • Enter your HTML into the designated field
Email on Acid platform screenshot paste html code
  • Use the existing Campaign Precheck workflow which checks all essential spelling, grammar, accessibility, and spam content, or simply create a new workflow to skip right to previews.
Email on Acid platform screenshot of campaign precheck selections
  • Once you’ve completed the steps above you can preview your email across all the latest devices and clients
Email on Acid platform screenshot mobile preview

Get much more than email previews

No matter how perfect your email may look, test and send with confidence with 100+ clients and devices available.. Email on Acid offers all the latest devices and clients to test your campaigns with lots of other features that help you put your best email forward:

Save time and money and put your best email forward with Email on Acid’s suite of email testing tools.

Email on Acid Email Previews have played a huge role in helping some of the world’s biggest brands test and perfect their messages before it’s time to send. With over 100 different devices and clients in our platform, Email on Acid has been the go-to resource for fast, reliable testing.

To ensure our users have all the tools and resources they need to put their best email forward, we are consistently updating our preview availability with the latest and most popular devices and clients. Stay tuned for new releases!

Let Email on Acid Improve Your Email Workflow

Whether you’re a small marketing team or a large communications department, Sinch Email on Acid can help improve your email workflow. Send your email straight from your ESP right to our platform and preview your design in over 100 email clients and popular devices. Plus, our sharing and mark-up tools allow you to collaborate with team members and stakeholders easily. Try us free for seven days and see for yourself!