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How many times have you manually checked your links, only to miss one? Don’t rely on a manual process to verify your email’s URLs. With Email on Acid’s automated checklist we quickly verify your UTMs, links and redirects, ensuring they’re functioning properly, so you can hit send with confidence.

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Easily double-check your campaign
parameters including UTM validation.

Consistent UTM parameters are crucial in tracking email performance and informing future email content. Email on Acid’s UTM validation step will scan your email links for UTMs, adding those you have missed. Our tool will also flag UTMs with missing parameters or inconsistent campaign names to ensure you’re seeing the source of your traffic and understanding what’s driving results.

Add UTMs with Email on Acid

Upgrade your email review process.

As part of the Campaign Precheck pre-deployment checklist, our URL Validation tool checks all your links at once. If any of your links are broken, you can replace them easily in real time, automatically updating your HTML with the replaced link.

Double check broken links

Catch link issues before clicking send.

The process of checking links manually—by going through and checking each link individually—is time consuming and leaves room for error. Let us streamline your process by live checking your URLs to make sure you’re not sending broken links.

Streamline checking your URLs

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