Overcome the Fear of
Spelling Mishaps and Mistakes

As marketers, the fear of sending a mistake-riddled email is real. Plus, the apology or “oops” follow-up email is time consuming and embarrassing. With our Spell Check tool—part of Email on Acid’s automated end-to-end checklist—you can easily find (and fix) spelling issues in your title, preheader, alt text, and body before hitting your subscriber’s inbox.

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With the pace of email campaigns, mistakes happen, especially with multiple revision rounds. However, easily fixable issues (like spelling mistakes) impact the effectiveness of your messaging—not to mention your brand’s reputation. With Campaign Precheck, we’ll double (and triple check) your work, making sure your message is error-free for maximum subscriber engagement.

Double check your work

Fix any spelling issues without
leaving Campaign Precheck.

Discovered a misspelled word with our Spell Check tool? Change the word and we’ll update your code for you—no need to go back into the HTML. If the word we’ve suggested isn’t what you’re looking for, simply enter a right word manually and your code will update automatically.

Update misspelled words in your HTML

Don’t let unintentional profanity
negatively impact your brand.

Think of us as a highly trained second set of eyes. Regular spell checks don’t catch profanity, so with a single key stroke, you could potentially offend your subscribers—and damage your brand’s reputation. Utilize our profanity function to ensure the message that you’re sending, is the message you intended to send.

Don't let profanity impact your brand

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