Identify Deliverability Issues
BEFORE Ever Hitting the Send Button

With most ESPs you don’t learn about spam issues until after you’ve hit the send button. However, with our automated checklist, Campaign Precheck, any pre-send deliverability issues are identified before sending, ensuring your emails reach subscriber’s inboxes, not the spam folder.

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Check and validate, before you press the send button.

Don’t let issues like blocklisting and spam filters cost you engagement and revenue. We test your IP address against four of the most popular blocklist services. We also pass/fail spam test your message against 23 of the most popular spam filters, helping you gain insight into deliverability issues that will keep your email from reaching the inbox.

Spam and blocklisting, we have you covered

Increase your email deliverability and reach more subscribers.

Subscribers can’t engage with your message, if they never see (or open) your campaigns. Verify your domains are clean, and your email passes spam traps before hitting send.

Our blocklisting tool offers actionable steps to resolve your issues, including contact information for the blocklisting company, so you don’t have to spend time figuring out who to contact.

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