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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-Factor Authentication is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of your Email on Acid account beyond just a username and a password. When you log into the platform, you will receive an authentication code via email from us. If your email address is incorrect in the platform, you may not receive … Continue reading “Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)”

How to Download Test Assets

Per our Data Retention Policy, test data is only stored in your account for 90 days. If you need to save any related test information before automatic deletion, each of our tools offer an option to download assets. Email Testing Tests created in our Email Testing tool will remain in the account for 90 days … Continue reading “How to Download Test Assets”

How do I Downgrade my Subscription?

If you would like to downgrade your subscription, please have your Corporate Admin or account owner reach out to

How to use the API Billing Site

For certain API users we have a separate website meant for the viewing of invoices, payment of invoices, updating of payment information and methods, and viewing of monthly API usage. How to Change Login Information 4. This page will allow you to update the Login Email and the Password.  How to Update Payment Information  How … Continue reading “How to use the API Billing Site”

How to Add User Seats

If you need to purchase additional seats (users) to your account, you can do so if you have a credit card on file. The additional seats will be billed in either monthly/annual terms, depending on how your subscription is set up. For example, if you pay for your subscription once per year, then you will … Continue reading “How to Add User Seats”

How to Send to Email on Acid from an ESP

While Email on Acid does not integrate with any ESP’s, you are able to send your email test from your ESP directly into your EOA account. You can do this with custom email addresses that we provide. You can locate these custom email addresses on your Projects page: 1. Click Projects. 2. At the bottom … Continue reading “How to Send to Email on Acid from an ESP”

How to Reactivate a User-User Already Exists

If you have a user that was previously active, they will need to be reactivated. The Corporate Admin of the account has permission to deactivate and reactivate users on the account.  Click on your username in the top right, and click on People. Click the dropdown next to Active Users, and choose Inactive Users. All … Continue reading “How to Reactivate a User-User Already Exists”

How to Shut Off Auto-Renewal

If you shut off the auto-renewal for your account your current subscription will end on the expiration date as opposed to charging your payment source on file and continuing your subscription. If you would like this to be turned off, please send an email to and our support team will help take care of … Continue reading “How to Shut Off Auto-Renewal”

Why is My Preview Different on a Live Device?

Here’s  a question that sometimes arises when previewing an email: Why doesn’t the rendering from Email on Acid match what’s on my live device? This is a great question, and there isn’t always a simple answer. Many variables go into the process of generating the previews. When the renderings don’t match the live device, these … Continue reading “Why is My Preview Different on a Live Device?”

How to Cancel a Subscription or Trial

Steps to Cancel a Paid Subscription: You can cancel your paid subscription at any time: Log in into your account and click your name at the top right. From the dropdown list select Plan & Billing Click Cancel Subscription. You’ll be asked to confirm cancellation, click Cancel my subscription. Choose a cancellation reason, give us … Continue reading “How to Cancel a Subscription or Trial”

What is the difference between Total and Unique Opens/Clicks?

Within Email on Acid Analytics, total opens and total clicks represent the all-encompassing number of times an email was opened or that a link was clicked. Unique opens and unique clicks represent the number of times an email was opened, or a link was clicked by an individual subscriber using specific identifiers. For Example: If … Continue reading “What is the difference between Total and Unique Opens/Clicks?”

How to Run a Spam Test Via Seed List

If you are sending your email through an email service provider (ESP), Seed List Spam Testing is our recommended option. The seed test will give us more insight into spam impact of: Email Server Reputation Sender Email Address Sender IP address Email Server Configuration Email Content and Subject Line IP Blocklisting To run a spam … Continue reading “How to Run a Spam Test Via Seed List”

How to Re-Activate Suspended Accounts

Accounts become suspended when we are not able to collect payment for the subscription. You will be notified via email if we are unable to collect payment, and we allow three days to update the payment method before the system reattempts to process your renewal. If at that time the payment does not complete successfully, … Continue reading “How to Re-Activate Suspended Accounts”

How do HTML Size, Image Size, and Pixel Height Impact Previews

Sometimes issues with previews can be explained by the HTML size, image size, or the pixel height for a project. These impact the time it takes for your email to load, and in return Email on Acid is unable to get a true snapshot of your email. You may see distorted images, partial preview returns, … Continue reading “How do HTML Size, Image Size, and Pixel Height Impact Previews”

How to Upload a URL Spreadsheet for Campaign Precheck URL Validation

In Campaign Precheck we provide a tool to check that links in your HTML properly validate. It can read links in your HTML, or links that have been uploaded from a spreadsheet. To check links using a URL spreadsheet: Ensure your Excel sheet is properly formatted: Place “URL” in the header of the column that … Continue reading “How to Upload a URL Spreadsheet for Campaign Precheck URL Validation”

How to Reset your Password

If you cannot access your account due to a forgotten password, it is easy to reset following these steps: Go to, and click on Login. Click on Forgot Password. Enter your email address associated with your Email on Acid account, and click Submit. You will receive an email with a link, click Reset Password … Continue reading “How to Reset your Password”

Add User Email Address Already Has an Account

If you are trying to add a user and you see the error message This email address already has an account this means that for one of two reasons, the email address you are trying to add already has an account in the Email on Acid system. Each email can only be used for one … Continue reading “Add User Email Address Already Has an Account”

Campaign Precheck Email Previews

Email Previews give you the ability to see how your email will look to your subscribers on various email clients and devices. To see the previews: Enter the Subject Line & choose your Email Client preference If you want to adjust the clients you are seeing before running the test, click Edit Profile You can … Continue reading “Campaign Precheck Email Previews”

How to Edit User, Reset User Password, or Deactivate User

Managing users is easy through your Email on Acid account. You can reset a user password, edit their profile, or deactivate a user all in one place!  Click on your username, and click People Locate the user you want to edit, and click any where by their name Click Edit User If you are editing a user, … Continue reading “How to Edit User, Reset User Password, or Deactivate User”

How to Locate or Resend a User Invite

If you setup a new user and they did not receive, or cannot relocate, the invitation you can access this through your account.  Click on People from your user menu dropdown. Click on the user that needs the new invite for setup Click on Copy Invitation Link You can now provide this link to the user, and they can … Continue reading “How to Locate or Resend a User Invite”