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What to do if you forgot your Email on Acid password

If you cannot access your account due to a forgotten password, it is easy to reset following these steps: Go to, and click on Login. Click on Forgot Password. Enter your email address associated with your Email on Acid account, and click Submit. You will receive an email with a link, click Reset Password … Continue reading “What to do if you forgot your Email on Acid password”

Add User Email Address Already Has an Account

If you are trying to add a user and you see the error message This email address already has an account this means that for one of two reasons, the email address you are trying to add already has an account in the Email on Acid system. Each email can only be used for one … Continue reading “Add User Email Address Already Has an Account”

Campaign Precheck Email Previews

Email Previews give you the ability to see how your email will look to your subscribers on various email clients and devices. To see the previews: Enter the Subject Line & choose your Email Client preference If you want to adjust the clients you are seeing before running the test, click Edit Profile You can … Continue reading “Campaign Precheck Email Previews”

How to Edit User, Reset User Password, or Deactivate User

Managing users is easy through your Email on Acid account. You can reset a user password, edit their profile, or deactivate a user all in one place!  Click on People Locate the user you want to edit, and click any where by their name Click Edit User If you are editing a user, click Edit on any … Continue reading “How to Edit User, Reset User Password, or Deactivate User”

How to Locate or Resend a User Invite

If you setup a new user and they did not receive, or cannot relocate, the invitation you can access this through your account.  Click on People at the top of your page Click on the user that needs the new invite for setup Click on Copy Invitation Link You can now provide this link to the user, and they can … Continue reading “How to Locate or Resend a User Invite”

Commenting and Collaboration

This document will walk through commenting, approval and collaboration functions within Email on Acid’s Campaign Precheck.  These tools allow you to seamlessly work through an email campaign with your team and clients. Once you have logged into your Email on Acid account, open your email project by clicking on Projects on the left-hand navigation menu. … Continue reading “Commenting and Collaboration”

How to Use and Manage Folders

Folders are a great way to organize content, and depending on your account type, organize who can see which content.  Each account type has a different level of folder access, see our pricing to see what level of your account type offers. If your account does not have the tool you need to work with … Continue reading “How to Use and Manage Folders”

Prepping Your Email Campaigns From End to End

Watch the recording of our webinar for an end to end walk-through of how Email on Acid’s comprehensive pre-deployment checklist, Campaign Precheck, can help your team send emails faster, collaborate more effectively, and see greater returns on investment.

Why don’t you offer previews on Chrome and Firefox for Mac?

Although we previously offered email previews on the webmail clients AOL, Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo on Firefox and Chrome for Mac OSX 10.10, there was no significant difference between these and the same clients and browsers on Windows 7. By retiring these unnecessary previews, we’re able to devote more resources to adding new previews and … Continue reading “Why don’t you offer previews on Chrome and Firefox for Mac?”

Campaign Precheck Blocklisted Domains

Having blocklisted domains in the content of your email can hinder its ability to reach your subscriber’s inbox. Precheck will test each URL in your email across four popular vendors ensuring that your links are clean. If your email passes the domain check you will see a green checkmark that says “Congrats, none of your … Continue reading “Campaign Precheck Blocklisted Domains”

Campaign Precheck Spam Check

It is important to spam check every email due to ever-changing algorithms that may inadvertently cause your messages to hit the spam folder instead of the inbox. Our test looks at the content of your email that may cause spam delivery such as: Blacklisted URLs in the email or its content. Misleading subject lines. Very … Continue reading “Campaign Precheck Spam Check”

Loading your email into Campaign Precheck

Once you’ve logged into Campaign Precheck and created a workflow, you are ready to begin. Watch the following video, or scroll through the document, to learn how to upload your email into Campaign Precheck. From the Email on Acid landing page, navigate to the left side of the screen and click, Campaign Precheck. Select your … Continue reading “Loading your email into Campaign Precheck”

Campaign Precheck: Introduction to Creating a Workflow

Welcome to Campaign Precheck! The first time you log in, you will walk through how to create a custom workflow. View the following video, or scroll through the document, and learn how to create a custom workflow.  Once you have logged into your Email on Acid account, navigate to the left side of the screen … Continue reading “Campaign Precheck: Introduction to Creating a Workflow”

Campaign Precheck Spell Check

The next step of Campaign Precheck will review spelling and allow you to correct mistakes in your email title, inbox display, preheader text, alt text, and body copy. Spell Check also identifies words that may be offensive. We currently offer Spell Check in North American English, but you may click on Other Language to leave … Continue reading “Campaign Precheck Spell Check”

How to use the Projects Page

Every project you create is available on our Projects page, which is accessible via the navigation bar. Each project will be listed by Last Edited, and you can see a thumbnail of the project, the name, and project type. The Projects page automatically shows all projects, but you can use the dropdown to sort by … Continue reading “How to use the Projects Page”

Campaign Precheck Summary Page

When you complete the Campaign Precheck you will end on the Summary page which will allow you to view changes to HTML, change the campaign name, and access your new assets. At the top of the page, you will see your campaign name. You can click anywhere on the project name to edit. To see … Continue reading “Campaign Precheck Summary Page”

Special Features in Campaign Precheck

Once your email has rendered in Campaign Precheck, there are several useful special features for you to explore throughout the workflow. By leveraging these special features, you will ensure that your email is error-free, accessible to all users, and of the highest possible quality. View the following video, or scroll through the document, to learn … Continue reading “Special Features in Campaign Precheck”

Campaign Precheck Link Check

The Campaign Precheck link check process will review your HTML for links to make sure: Make sure URLs load properly Allow for the preview of all URLs Ensure redirects are working and loading quickly Confirm links work on popular devices Check parameters (UTMS) in URLs or set new UTMs start the process by uploading a … Continue reading “Campaign Precheck Link Check”

Campaign Precheck Inbox Display

The Inbox Display step of Campaign Precheck lets you preview how your Preheader Text appears in various client inboxes. You fill in the sender name and subject line, and the preheader text will automatically pull from your HTML file. You can also enter and edit this manually if desired. Some important things to remember when … Continue reading “Campaign Precheck Inbox Display”

Campaign Precheck Image Optimization

Jump to: Set Default Attributes for Images Optimize your GIF Optimize Your Image Size Image Optimization ensures your email images are the intended style and size, are the proper file size for a quick loading times, and will also help you set the first frame image for any GIFs. Set Default Attributes for Images This … Continue reading “Campaign Precheck Image Optimization”