Why is My Preview Different on a Live Device?

Here’s  a question that sometimes arises when previewing an email: Why doesn’t the rendering from Email on Acid match what’s on my live device? This is a great question, and there isn’t always a simple answer. Many variables go into the process of generating the previews. When the renderings don’t match the live device, these are the most common explanations:

  • The device version, operating system, and/or application being viewed is different than the device version Email on Acid is using. To check, click here to view our current clients. This happens because different systems and versions have different ways of viewing code.
  • Variant screen resolutions, scaling, and zoom. Depending on how an email is coded, the way a screen’s scaling and resolution is set could break apart/alter images and the email. Email on Acid sets our screens to 100% scaling and 100% zoom so that emails do not get altered by magnification settings. Different screen resolutions and sizes can also influence how an email renders.
  • The email is taking too long to load, causing a screenshot capture prior to the full email loading. When this happens, you may see duplications, missing tables, cutoffs, misalignments, or no preview at all. To learn more about how the HTML size, image sizes and pixel height may impact your previews click here.

If you have checked these, but you still are seeing a difference, let us know. Email helpdesk@emailonacid.com and our team will help.