How to Send to Email on Acid from an ESP

While Email on Acid does not integrate with any ESP’s, you are able to send your email test from your ESP directly into your EOA account. You can do this with custom email addresses that we provide. You can locate these custom email addresses on your Projects page.

  1. Click on Projects

2. At the bottom of the Projects page next to Email projects from ESP, there is a dropdown that will let you select either Email Testing or Campaign Precheck, depending on which tool you plan to do your testing in. The tests sent to these email addresses will populate with all available email client previews.


If you ever need to build a custom client testing profile, you can learn to do that here. Building a custom testing profile will also generate a new custom email address that will be associated with that profile. You can find that address in the steps below:

  1. Start a new test through the Email Testing tool. It will ask if you have the HTML, URL, or ZIP file of the email, select No.

2. You will then be able to view your list of custom client profiles, and select the one you’d like to send your test to. It will now display the Auto-process Address that is associated with that client profile.

Please reach out to our support team at with any questions or concerns!