Pottery Barn’s Simple, yet Bold, Design Lets the Imagery Do the Heavy Lifting


I’m not usually one to be drawn into to the intricacies and options that make up the world of bedding, but this email really caught my attention. Many emails make the mistake of trying to squeeze in too much, Pottery Barn on the other hand, seems pretty confident you’re going to be drawn in.

The headline “Comfort Meets Color” commands the reader’s attention thanks to a strong font and the subtle irony of its appearance in all black. The multicolored tones and focus effect are what really makes this email stand out.

PB's Comfort Meets Color

The call to action, although fairly small, does an excellent job of standing out, without drawing too much of the focus away from the main image at the recipient’s first glances. The way the image is focused is also very well done, by having the outer edges slightly blurred, the designer creates a soft edge to the outer portions of the message, drawing the user into the center to find clarity and detail.

The remainder of the email goes into further detail regarding the deals to be had, by segmenting the specific bedding types and their corresponding discounts. This segment also does a good job of using copy and high-detailed imagery to pique the user’s interest, hopefully generating the clickthroughs they were looking for.

Well done pottery barn, from someone who probably isn’t even in your target demographic!

Author: Email on Acid

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