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Email on Acid simplifies email testing for you. Preview your email in 57 different email clients and mobile devices in seconds.

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We test emails created both from scratch and within any email service provider.

Campaign Monitor

Send us your email from your ESP

Or upload your HTML. Either way, testing is simple and accurate.

Process it through our system to ensure quality

No more broken links or code errors. We’ll identify those for you.

Run a test in the clients you choose

We manage hundreds of servers and mobile devices to deliver results fast.

Mobile Device Testing

Preview on mobile devices and tablets.

We manage hundreds of servers and mobile devices to deliver the fastest and most accurate results possible.

You can even flip the device or drag and scroll through your email previews to interact with your campaigns just like your reader will.

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Share Your Email Results

Collaboration has never been easier.

Need someone else to weigh in on your campaign? No problem. Simply activate the “share” link to share your test results with your coworkers or clients.

Instill confidence and gather feedback, comments and critiques quickly and easily.

Jenson USA campaign
Sean Haddy

I love Email on Acid. It helps so much in testing email compatibility across a large range of devices. I recommend it to any dev sending email.

Code Analysis

Identify and resolve code issues.

Save your eyes the strain. We highlight potential issues in your HTML by automatically scanning and pinpointing individual lines of code.

Armed with this information, you can easily resolve critical errors that affect your email layout.

Outlook 2013

  • Alert Title Description
  • Title TITLE is not supported.
    LINE: 6
  • Position POSITION is not supported in Embedded CSS.
    LINES: 1380, 1388, 1420, 1437, 1463, 1487, 1498, 1633, 1644, 1659
  • MIN-HEIGHT MIN-HEIGHT is not supported in Embedded CSS.
    LINES: 1465, 1486, 1611, 1632
  • SELECTOR :HOVER is not supported
    LINES: 1517, 1663, 2113, 2138, 2159, 2207, 2211

Email Mark-Up

Teamwork made easy.

Take team collaboration to the next level by being able to draw, comment, reply and share within the actual email previews.

Tips & Tricks

Help at your fingertips.

We’ve spent years documenting the quirks of HTML email development. Find details and solutions for individual clients, all in your test result window.

Link & Image Validation

No more broken links.

Never send an email with a broken link again. We’ll verify that every link and image reference works. Email on Acid has your back.

Image Blocking

Defeat image blocking.

78% of email clients block images by default. We’ll ensure your message gets across before and after your images are downloaded with Mozify.