Best Emails of May

Favorite Email Roundup: May 2019


This month, our blog has seen some pretty big updates around email development and strategy: coding HTML email background images, media queries CSS and optimizing inbox display are just a few that were covered. The email inspiration coming up follows suit.

With our sights set on pushing the development envelope, we couldn’t help but notice that these brands seemed to be paying close attention to these very tactics, and it’s paying off.

Sloths in Subject Lines from Phrasee

What is marketing? It’s an industry of evoking feelings, even those of pure and simple joy. Phrasee gave us just that when they went all in on sloths for their newsletter theme. Sure, we learned a little something new about sloths in the upper body copy, but the content of the email was still relevant and valuable to their subscriber list, which makes it a win in our book.

Phrasee Newsletter: Sloth-themed

Emma Keeps it Skimable

Lists, design, background and CTAs… what’s not to love?

The design of Emma’s newsletter was spot on for many reasons. The list copy added a nice variety to the user experience, which made the information easy and inviting to read. The CTAs are also very well pronounced and clearly communicate how the reader should act.

Lastly, the background imagery with very subtle markings felt perfectly executed alongside the complementing content within, making for a very elegant presentation.

Emma Newsletter

Buffer Takes the Shape of its Container

No, really. Buffer’s feature announcement email used media queries to their advantage and included fluid hybrid design elements. When looking at it on different screens, the content and main graphic shifted and flowed seamlessly.

Buffer also used intentional design, sectioning and contrasting colors to keep the reader tuned in to the otherwise information-heavy email. Together, they made the content easily digestible and engaging.

Buffer Update Email

Medium-bodied emails from wine brands with a delectable finish

The combination of May, Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of summer and Mother’s Day made for the perfect storm of emails from wine brands. And we are not complaining.

Winc Gets Campy

Winc’s use of background imagery combined with the attention to contrast certainly paid off. Being appropriately timed for Memorial Day Weekend, seasonally-relevant outdoorsy and s’mores imagery, and an overall engaging design that drew the reader in, this was carefully planned and thoughtfully executed.

Winc's Memorial Day Promotion

Empathy for Your Mom

We appreciated Empathy wines’ clean and simple look with to-the-point messaging and clear cut CTAs. All aboard the less-is-more train.

The balance of the tongue-in-cheek promo code added just the right amount of quirk to keep the tone light and fun too.

Well played, Empathy.

Empathy Mother's Day Promotion

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