Favorite Email Roundup: February 2019


February: The month of love, flowers, and Valentine’s Day emails from every brand and newsletter you subscribe to. We sure saw a lot of 😍, 💖 and 💐 in our inboxes.

As we look back on our favorite emails from the last month, we had a couple of lovey-dovey emails make the list. But don’t worry, we won’t get all sappy on you.

Give Your Designer Some Love (Flywheel)

Our graphic designer couldn’t help but go all 😍 when she saw this email from Flywheel. Sure, she agrees with everything the email says, but it’s also a nice email highlighting Flywheel’s company values and brand style. The call-to-action (CTA) to “send a love note” was an interesting touch, too.

Flywheel Valentine's Day email

Vote Goat Party (Beekman 1802)

Okay, so not every email in our inbox last month was about Valentine’s Day. We also saw a slew of Presidents’ Day emails.

After wading through all the furniture sale messages, we found this gem from Beekman 1802. The design and “Vote Goat” message caught our eye. We also liked the mini history lesson at the bottom of the message.

Beekman 1802 President's Day email

Segmented Design (Indi.fashion)

This email design from Indi.fashion stopped us in our tracks. Their emails typically have beautiful photography and eye-catching images of their products, but we were taken aback by the segmented photo design they used to highlight the detail of this gown. We haven’t seen this technique much before, but we hope it catches on.

India.Fashion email

Phabulous Welcome Email (Phrasee)

Honestly, we were a little embarrassed when Phrasee’s birthday came around and we didn’t get them anything. Then, we were even more embarrassed when we realized we hadn’t signed up for their newsletter.

Once we recognized our mistake and signed up, we were met with this phantastic welcome email. Sure, we enjoyed the classic Phrasee wit and humor (the subject line: “Here’s a welcome email, because apparently 78% of people expect to get one!” ), but we also really loved how the CTA pushes subscribers to a demo. It’s different from the usual coupon code, free trial, or hard sales pitch.

Phrasee welcome email

An Easy-to-Understand (?!) Tax Email (Ally)

No one gets excited about taxes. Well, maybe accountants, CPAs and the dancing mascots who work outside those seasonal tax centers in strip malls. But this tax form email from Ally did make us email geeks happy.

Oddly enough, this email reflects what taxes are not: cut-and-dry and easy-to-understand. Our team member who received the email says:

“I know this is regarding taxes, and it can only be so exciting, but I think they do a good job of making it clear and easy to understand – and who can’t get behind that?!”

P.S. We featured another email from Ally in a previous roundup here

Ally tax email

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Author: Melanie Graham

Born and raised in New England, Melanie has a background as a writer, editor and journalist. After roaming the U.S. as an expert vagabond, she’s landed in Denver as Email on Acid’s content manager. She’s a music nerd at heart who loves spending time at the piano.

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