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Email Marketing Inspiration: July 2018


Was anyone else’s inbox overloaded with “Christmas in July” emails last month? It felt like every retail email campaign hopped on that bandwagon.

With that in mind, we wanted to give props to a few emails that didn’t focus on that odd, summertime holiday. We’ve compiled them here for our latest installment of email marketing inspiration.

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Doing GIFs with Style (Stitch Fix)

Stitch Fix rolled out a new feature on their iOS app last month – Style Shuffle – and they announced it with, well, style.

Tapping into a bit of that Tinder swipe left/swipe right interface, Stitch Fix’s new Style Shuffle allows users to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to certain items of clothing, which helps inform the user’s Stitch Fix style specialist.

To show off this new app feature, Stitch Fix featured a GIF in the email showing how the Style Shuffle works, as well as easy-to-understand instructions. Plus, Stitch Fix didn’t try to cram any other messages or offers within the email announcement – the design is clean, simple and on-brand.

Watch the Stitch Fix email in action.

Stitch Fix Style Shuffle email
Do the Style Shuffle with Stitch Fix.

Opening Out Eyes to “Seagulling” (Trello)

Who doesn’t love a Trello email? They’re always a joy to read, both from a copy and design perspective. Trello does an excellent job balancing humor and on-brand, useful articles, and the design is sleek and fun.

Last month’s email had some excellent content around remote working and how to get better feedback from coworkers. In fact, the line about “seagulling” made us all LOL. We’re not saying we’re including this email only for that line, but we’ll admit it was a motivating factor.

Trello July 2018 email design inspiration
Watch out for those seagulls!

Well-Designed Webinar Invite – It Can Be Done! (BounceX)

If someone told you that he/she could create a beautiful webinar email, would you believe him/her? We had our doubts, but BounceX has stepped up the webinar invite game.

The invite sent out for their August 2 webinar does an excellent job displaying the important details of the webinar (date, time) and has clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons that make it easy for the user to RSVP. The copy is short and to the point and doesn’t take away from the overall goal of the email.

And design aside – we also love the name of the webinar.

Bounce Exchange webinar email
Don’t you wish all webinar emails looked like this?

Fun in the Sun Email Design (Evite)

As we head into August, the summer emails keep piling on. After a while, they all start looking the same.

Well, this Evite beach party email managed to stand out in an ocean of summertime messaging. The campaign, which was promoting Evite’s summer/beach party invitations, featured a fun design with graphics that seem to tap into the emoji-crazed world we’re in today. We also loved the enthusiastic CTA.

Lastly, the upsell at the bottom of the email was a nice tactic. It’s tastefully done, maintains the overall branding and theme, and doesn’t take away from the main message.

Evite summer invitation email
This email makes us want to grab a refreshing beverage and head straight to the beach.

Even Great Emails Need to Be Tested

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