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5 Brands That Are Using GIFs to Elevate Their Email Marketing

The emergence of animated GIFs in email makes it clear that these animations can draw and focus attention on your product in an incredibly powerful way. These five brands have proven just how effective – and fun – GIFs can be in email.

6 Creative Ways to Use Social Media in Your Email Campaigns

In this blog, we’re going to break down how you can incorporate social elements in your email campaigns.

From the basic, social icon in the footer to embedding live feeds in your campaign, read on for some great marketing techniques.

Email Etiquette 101

Here are some tips for bringing good old-fashioned manners back into your business emails!

Insights in Email Event Recap

We recently hosted our first email event!

See how it unfolded and get a recap of the talks and our goals going forward.

Make Your Next Email Campaign Sizzle with this Free, Fluid Hybrid Template

Even though summer is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean you can’t have one last sizzling email campaign to round out the season!

That’s why we teamed up with Email Templates 999 to bring you a scorching hot, fluid hybrid template that will look fantastic in EVERY inbox.

8 Hottest Emails of the Summer

As email geeks here at Email on Acid, we look forward to the refreshing and engaging designs of summer email campaigns year-round. Enjoy that AC (I know I am) and take a look at 8 of our favorite emails of this summer.

Email as a Branding Tool

Email is by far the most under-utilized branding device in the marketing arsenal, not to mention a cheap and easy way to spread your brand’s message with an audience that has already displayed interest in your company.

We’ve outlined two ways you can effectively utilize email as part of your branding strategy.

What’s the Difference Between Email Testing Services and Email Service Providers?

Is Email on Acid an email service provider (ESP)?

The answer? No. Email on Acid is an email testing service. So what’s the difference? We’ll explain in this blog.

What techniques make your email campaign relevant?

How do you create email that’s relevant to your whole audience, not just a niche group within it?

We’ll break down what strategies, technology and best practices you need to employ to ensure relevancy in your email campaigns across the board.

Why Simplicity Wins in Email Marketing

Does writing the ‘perfect’ email ever feel daunting? With studies showing that prospects are opening less than 24% of promotional emails,
the odds can feel stacked against you, particularly in an email-heavy
marketing environment.

So how do you steer prospects to open your email
and convert? The key lies in simplicity.

5 Reasons Why Your Email Subscribers Are Ignoring You

If no one is opening your emails, you might want to consider one (or more) of the following five reasons.

How to Ramp up Email ROI with Advanced Analytics

One problem marketers come across with advanced reporting and analytics is that they have the data in front of them, but they don’t know how to turn this data into actionable marketing strategies and tactics moving forward.

In this blog, we’re going to break down how to use this data in your upcoming campaigns to increase ROI.

How Cart Abandonment Emails Maximize ROI

Even though a large number of readers drop off your shopping cart page, there is still great potential to re-engage and successfully convert this group of visitors.

In this blog, we’re going to break down why having a cart abandonment strategy in place is critical to your mailing strategy. Plus, we’ll share some helpful tips to make a successful cart abandonment campaign.

Putting a Human Touch on Email Marketing

As marketers, we all know the incredibly important role automation plays
in our daily lives. However, the more we use it, the more our clients
crave human contact. And believe me, there’s no fooling them; they can
spot corporate-speak in automated emails from a mile away.

If you
really want to stand out, you have to speak to them as you would a
friend — in a warm and friendly voice.

9 Essential Design Elements of a Conversion-Driven Template

You A/B test your subject line, toil over every word in the text of your email and segment your list to the T, but what are you doing to optimize your email’s layout? The design aesthetic of your email template are just as critical as the words you use. So let’s take a look at nine design elements that will help to boost your bottom line.

7 Ways to Harness the Power of Transactional Email

Transactional email, while not always as sexy as marketing email, gets 4-8x more opens and clicks than bulk mailings. Plus, transactional emails can be part of the first impression a new prospect/buyer has of your brand, so you need to make it count.

In this blog, we’ll break down 7 ways to optimize these emails.

Find and Fix Email Deliverability Issues

Sometimes it can seem like quite a challenge to figure out why your
email isn’t getting delivered.

So how can you figure out what problem is plaguing
your latest email campaign? It’s not as difficult as you might think.
The tools we offer at Email on Acid make it easy to determine the

9 Questions to Ask When Choosing an ESP

Choosing the right ESP for your business is no easy feat. There are many questions you need to consider before you take the plunge and invest your time and money into an email service provider.

While this is not an exhaustive list of questions, here are 9 critical questions you must consider before choosing your ESP.

A Brief Refresher on Spam Laws, Email Marketing and Compliance

Governments are becoming more and more restrictive about unsolicited email. Not only are laws becoming more restrictive, but the penalties are increasing in severity. In this blog, we’re going to give you a quick refresher on the current state of spam laws, both national and internationally, and how to avoid a mistake that could come with a large fine attached to it.

2016 Email Marketing Insights Study: The Results Are In

More than 3,550 of you took our survey to provide your insight on email development, design and marketing trends
and behavior and we’re thrilled to share the results with you.