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How is Artificial Intelligence Changing Email?


Big data. This buzzword has been making its rounds among digital marketers, along with sayings like “data is the new gold.” But with big data comes a need for a large amount of processing power and a way to sort through the raw data to make sense of it. So how exactly can you leverage big data for your email marketing strategies? This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play.

AI, when paired with big data, allows you to stay competitive as data growth continues to skyrocket. Learn about AI for marketing, the benefits of AI for email marketing, and some AI marketing tools in the wild.

What is artificial intelligence for marketing?

The robots are coming! If this is your definition of marketing automation or AI, you’re due for an update.

At its core, AI technologies simulate human intelligence and mimic their actions. A subset of AI, machine learning (ML), focuses on reading from large datasets, learning from them, and providing outputs, insights, and predictions.

AI marketing relies on ML to process and analyze enormous data to analyze your email marketing campaigns, results, customer behavior data, and more. By doing so, AI marketing gives you the tools to improve your email content and marketing metrics, like open rate, click-through rate, engagement rate, and conversion rate.

What are the benefits of AI in email marketing?

AI marketing sounds great, right? Let’s dive into a few ways AI can improve your email marketing strategies and make your email workflow a sinch. It can:

1. Create custom email campaigns for your audience

We go on and on about personalization, and – get this – AI can superpower how you tailor your email campaigns for your audience. But how do they do this? Glad you asked. AI can read and analyze your readers’ interactions with your emails. Then, it can provide ideas (or even email content) for specific subscribers based on their behavior and engagement level. For instance, if some of your clients interact a lot with emails that contain GIFs, the AI tool will take note of that and use that data to create an appropriate email campaign.

2. Optimize your email sending with marketing automation

Alright, email marketing automation, like send-time optimization, is great, but did you know it’s powered by AI? AI technology can analyze the times when your audience opened and interacted with your emails the most. Then, the AI tool can suggest and schedule the best moments for your readers to receive your emails.

3. Perform email validations

Email verification is an important part of keeping your email list clean and up to date. AI tools can look at trends regarding real and fake email addresses. Thus, they can detect invalid email addresses in the future to help you keep your mailing list clean and up to date. Check out our InboxReady tool to see how we can help you with email verifications today.

4. Help you create better subject lines

Email subject lines can be one of those make-or-break points for your email messages. Hit the right note with your subscribers to ensure they open your messages. AI tools can draw on data about how your readers open and interact with your emails to determine which subject lines work best. Then, it can use that data to create subject lines that convert better.

What are some email marketing artificial intelligence examples at work?

So can AI write emails? What about nurturing leads? Let’s find out. 

From virtual sales assistants to complex algorithms that send 1:1 messaging, let’s explore how AI is changing email marketing forever. The robots aren’t coming – they’re already here!

Founded in 2012, is on a mission to make email marketing more powerful through AI and machine learning.

Their customers are not only able to send standard marketing emails, like welcome and engagement campaigns, but also leverage the machine learning capabilities of Samba to send dynamic email content. A unique feature of the Samba platform is that it integrates with the user’s website, pulling behavior data about site visitors which can be used to enrich email with personalized recommendations. email artificial intelligence dashboard

Thanks to intelligent predictive algorithms, Samba won’t need long to help you start building relationships and loyalty, as well as ROI. Samba also uses Mailgun by Sinch infrastructure to help power the platform


Conversica offers virtual sales assistance that starts reaching out to leads 24/7 within minutes of a user showing interest in your brand. Through email, this AI assistant sends a chat, email, or SMS that appears to be coming from an employee. 

Wondering if the copy reads like a robot? Not quite. In fact, 50% of leads reply to AI emails as they’re written in a conversational manner and can be more engaging than lead-nurturing autoresponders.

Conversica email artificial intelligence

With Conversica, it’s almost like having a little robot on payroll, engaging and nurturing a lead for days, weeks, or even months until they make that sale or the lead opts out. When a lead is ready to purchase, Conversica’s lead nurturing software alerts a sales representative that it’s time to reach out and make the sales pitch.


Persado is a cognitive content platform that automatically generates the highest-performing machine-generated marketing language across different channels to inspire your audience to engage and act.

It takes into consideration emotional ontology to score and categorize words, phrases, and images in its database. The machines parse thousands of ways to convey emotion and then effectively use them in your marketing copy. Below is Persado’s workflow for creating compelling AI-generated copy.

Persado email artificial intelligence flowchart

Its cognitive content platform can generate copy for email subject lines, email bodies, and landing pages. Persado boasts a 49.5% conversion lift from companies leveraging its language.

While tools like Persado can’t completely automate copywriting and testing, adopting ML and AI is critical if we want to stay competitive in our roles.


Like Persado, Phrasee takes the guesswork out of creating copy that converts. Through AI, it generates language that sounds human and is tailored to your brand voice. Quantifying human language wasn’t possible for digital marketers until now. Phrasee uses AI to quantify, generate, and optimize language for your email.

Its AI understands the emotions, sentiments, and phrases that resonate with your audience. Once you start using Phrasee, your email results drive algorithms that can generate the best possible content for your audience.

Phrasee dashboard for email AI

Phrasee optimizes your email in the following ways:

  • Optimized and tailored subject lines
  • Body copy that’ll drive a click
  • Calls-to-action (CTAs) to drive conversions
  • Powerful, tailored triggers

With this software, you can increase opens, clicks, and revenue. Need more specific numbers? One Phrasee customer increased their revenue by 417% after implementing this marketing AI.

But you still have to test…

As more and more software pass the Turing test, AI will get increasingly integrated into our lives (and email).

While AI can offer predictive content, maximized subject lines, and generate compelling offers, it still can’t guarantee the email in question looks perfect in every inbox. Before you fully trust algorithms and AI, your campaigns still need to go through a QA process before you send. That’s where we come in.

If you want to ensure that your email looks amazing across the most popular devices and clients, try us free for seven days to get unlimited email, image, and spam testing. Put a safety net in place through Email on Acid to ensure the humans on the other end receiving your email don’t see a machine error you could’ve caught.

This article was updated on November 7, 2022. It was first published in December of 2016.

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Author: The Email on Acid Team

The Email on Acid content team is made up of digital marketers, content creators, and straight-up email geeks.

Connect with us on LinkedIn, follow us on Facebook, and tweet at @EmailonAcid on Twitter for more sweet stuff and great convos on email marketing.

Author: The Email on Acid Team

The Email on Acid content team is made up of digital marketers, content creators, and straight-up email geeks.

Connect with us on LinkedIn, follow us on Facebook, and tweet at @EmailonAcid on Twitter for more sweet stuff and great convos on email marketing.

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