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Future-Proof, Fluid Hybrid Email Template by Mailsheep

To spread some email love, we teamed up with Mailsheep to bring you a new fluid hybrid template. Now you can give your readers an exquisite experience in all email clients and devices, even the ones without media query support (we’re lookin’ at you, Gmail app).

How to Lose an Email Subscriber in 10 Days

Getting a new lead is always exciting but all too often marketers can get a little overzealous and make some very basic email mistakes. New email leads require a nurturing process–a courtship if you will–to become purchasers and loyal brand advocates. So, with homage to one of our favorite rom-coms, here are mistakes email marketers make when wooing a new email subscriber.

11 Best Email Marketing Automation Platforms

The proof is in the pudding for the effectiveness and power of marketing automation platforms, but there are still a lot of options to consider to find the best platform for your company.

So, we’ve scoured the web for customer reviews and feature information to give you a comprehensive view of the top platforms on the market to help optimize your email ROI.

5 Ways to Improve Your Email Campaigns

The struggle for attention in the inbox is real. But don’t despair. In the spirit of the new year and
starting afresh, here are five easy ways to improve your email marketing
efforts to get better results.

Responsive, Animated Email Template from Email Monks

An estimated 66 percent of emails are being opened on mobile devices.

That’s why we paired up with Email Monks again to bring you an exquisite, mobile-friendly template that, with some awesome coding techniques, will make your call to action pop right off the page!

Create an Email Referral Campaign that Converts

Achieving marketing goals and growth month over month, year over year can be challenging. However, marketers often overlook one of the most effective forms of acquiring new customers: referral marketing.

Read on for the characteristics of a killer referral campaign that will convert.

2016 Email Marketing Resolutions to Start the Year Right

While making New Year’s resolutions can seem cliché, it’s always important to set goals, both personally and professionally, to strive to do better. In the last year alone, there have been numerous industry changes that have changed the way we do email. This makes it important to pause for a moment to set goals for how to improve your email marketing efforts in the coming year.

So, without further ado, here are 9 email marketing resolutions to ensure your 2016 campaigns are better than ever before.

Retrospective: Email Trends in 2015

Email is not dead! In fact, according to DMA’s Statistical Fact Book,
seven in ten (72%) consumers prefer to be contacted by email rather
than snail mail and text message. Though email continues to be powerful, that doesn’t mean
it’s staying exactly the same.

So what changes has 2015 brought to the world of email?

[2015 Roundup] Our Best Email Marketing and Coding Blogs

Before we start predicting what the world of email will look like in 2016, we want to take a step back and revisit the email lessons and techniques we learned in 2015.

Here are our most popular email marketing and coding blogs. Enjoy!

7 Smart Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Creating a solid, engaging piece of content is not an easy feat.

So, how do you keep producing awesome content for multiple channels and different audiences without going crazy? By repurposing a piece of content for different channels and audiences!

In this blog, we’re going to break down why repurposing content is beneficial to your bottom line AND walk you through how we took a single blog and spun it off into 7 different pieces of repurposed content.

5 Reality Checks for Every Email Marketer

Email marketing doesn’t have to be a painful, confusing process. In fact, we’ve teamed up with stensul
to bring you a guide that will help to improve your email
marketing efforts.

First Look: iPad Pro Mail App

The iPad Pro just recently became available, and it’s had mixed reviews
so far. We thought we’d grab one and see how the native app handles email.

Turns out the answer is…. not great.

9 Characteristics of a Killer Email Nurturing Sequence

Acquiring a customer is one thing, but keeping them is entirely different.

Your nurturing (aka onboarding) sequence could last anywhere from days to months with plenty of meaty content in the middle. That’s why we’ve focused in on nine elements to create a nurturing sequence that will keep your customers around for the long haul.

7 Holiday Email Campaigns that Give Back

Email campaigns can accomplish so much more than increasing brand recognition or boosting your company’s bottom line.

As the holiday season approaches, we wanted to highlight seven companies that are using their email marketing channels for good.

Our Gift to You: A Free Fluid Hybrid Email Template

Make sure you’re ready to take on the ever-changing landscape of email with our beautiful fluid hybrid template that will look great in the most popular devices and email clients.

The Ultimate Pre-Deployment Email Checklist

Even the best of us make mistakes sometimes. But our ultimate pre-deployment email checklist was designed to help you eliminate the mistakes in your email production process to ensure a flawless campaign every time you set a send.

Building Brand Advocacy Webinar with Spendsetter

Having a
customer recommend you to their friends and family is the most valuable
introduction that can be made for your brand.

Join us for a webinar on November 19 to learn how to use email to build brand advocates for your company.

Make Scary-Good Emails with Our “Candy Shop” Template

As fun-sized sized candy bars and carved-up pumpkins start to appear everywhere, we thought we’d share a short and sweet (clever, eh?) email template to spotlight all of your fantastic product offerings.

Reducing Send Button Anxiety: Deliverability Tips from Email Copilot

When over 500 people registered for our Reducing Send Button Anxiety webinar, we realized we might have hit a nerve. In this post, Email Copilot walks through some tips to increase your deliverability. Bonus: Access to the webinar recording and a checklist download.

How to Craft a Killer Welcome Email

Welcome emails have, on average, four times the open rate and five times the click rate of other mailings. Improving yours can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Read on to find out how you can craft a killer welcome email.