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Year in Review: Email on Acid in 2022

Even though a year can fly by like nobody's business, that doesn't mean there was no time to get stuff done. A lot can happen over the course of 365 days.

Many of us are about to do a little self-reflection as we head into 2023, and that's a good thing. SaaS brands can look back on what was accomplished in a year's time too. Call it "SaaS-reflection" if you will (but we digress).

Here's a rewind of 2022 and a rundown of what turned out to be a big year for Email on Acid.

The Sinch acquisition

Sinch logo

You may recall that Email on Acid joined the company formerly known as Pathwire in the middle of 2021. A few months later, we found out we were joining an even bigger family when Sinch acquired the Pathwire brands Mailgun, Mailjet, and Email on Acid.

While the Sinch acquisition became official late last year, things really got rolling in 2022. As part of Sinch Email, we are excited to belong to a company that helps brands achieve an effective omnichannel communication strategy.

Sinch's supernetwork is powering meaningful, personalized engagements at scale. That includes SMS and MMS marketing, mobile messaging, voice, video communication, and more.

Brands need to meet customers and prospects wherever they are, and we know the inbox is still one of the best places to connect and engage.

Notes from the Dev: Video Edition

In the spring of 2022, we launched an ambitious project with our in-house email developer, Megan Boshuyzen, that's helping to spread the knowledge of some of the smartest, most-creative email geeks out there.

"Notes from the Dev: Video Edition" is a web series featuring tips and tricks from email developers around the world. We're producing this show because we know email coding ain't easy. Luckily, email geeks are among the most generous folks on the planet.

A huge THANK YOU to our expert guests in 2022:

Check out every episode and be sure to subscribe on YouTube because you know there's a whole lot more coming in 2023.

Tracking Apple bots and dark mode opens

Apple Devices

Our goal at Sinch Email on Acid is to simplify the complexities of email marketing. In 2022, dark mode and Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) were two challenges on many of our minds.

The email industry was a bit thrown off when everyone realized new privacy protections from Apple Mail meant it was going to be awfully hard to count on the open rate as an accurate metric. Long story short - bots are pre-opening mail for many Apple Mail users - which makes things tougher to track.

While we are all about data privacy around here, senders still need to know what's going on with subscriber engagement. That includes identifying inactive subscribers and measuring how well subject lines work.

So that our customers get a more accurate picture of open rates, we added the ability to find out which subscribers are using MPP. By identifying opens that come from Apple bots, we help senders understand how much MPP is impacting their metrics while allowing them to filter or segment MPP users if desired.

Many email marketers are also in the dark when it comes to emails that are opened in dark mode. A couple of years ago, we came up with a DIY hack that has been built into the Email on Acid platform. Now you can track dark mode opens in our Advanced Analytics to get a better idea of how much of your list prefers a darker user interface. That helps you decide if optimizing your campaign designs for dark mode emails is worth the effort (Hint: It probably is).

Email Camp: Road Trip Edition

Email camp logo with character driving on a road trip

We love being part of Email Camp because it's a chance to get the whole gang together. In 2022, the virtual event took on a road trip theme and dedicated an entire day to email development.

Attendees got to watch veteran email developer Jay Oram of ActionRocket live code an interactive email. Plus, we got an in-depth breakdown on dark mode from Roland Pokornyik of Chamaileon.io, and some awesome interactive email ideas from Akshaya Dinesh of Spellbound.

Email on Acid's own Megan Boshuyzen co-hosted a keynote on the future of email design. She also led an email developer Q&A panel that was jam-packed with great discussions. There was plenty for marketers as well. That included a keynote from Oracle's Chad White on email and omnichannel marketing.

If you missed all this, you'll find a playlist featuring all Email Camp 2022 presentations on YouTube.

We're already starting to make plans for Email Camp 2023. So, sign up to get updates on what to expect at the next big event.

The latest Android and iOS mobile email previews

Android and Apple logos inside mobile devices

Of course, we know what matters most to our customers is that we keep investing in and improving the Email on Acid platform.

Just one of the ways we did that in 2022 was with the introduction of new email previews for the latest Android and iOS operating systems and devices.

  • Android 11 – Gmail on Pixel 5 (light and dark mode)
  • Android 12 – Gmail on Pixel 6 (light and dark mode)
  • Android 13 – Gmail on Pixel 6 (light and dark mode)
  • iOS 16 – iPhone 14 (light and dark mode)
  • iOS 16 – iPhone 14 Pro (light and dark mode)
  • iOS 16 – iPhone 14 ProMax (light and dark mode)

Knowing how your campaigns render on the most popular mobile devices is essential. These new previews for email testing mean you can confidently send to subscribers who upgrade their devices and have the latest iPhone or Android smartphones. And with Email on Acid, you can preview emails as much as needed thanks to unlimited testing with every plan.

Finally, we want to thank all of our customers (new and old) for choosing us in 2022 or continuing to work with Email on Acid. Our team is constantly striving to improve our products and we always appreciate your feedback. Don't hesitate to reach out using our vendor channel in the Email Geeks Slack. And feel free to contact us with any questions.

Here's to more big ideas, big projects, and email perfection in 2023!