Commenting and Collaboration

Campaign Precheck includes a great feature for  collaborating on email testing projects. Once previews are generated, a share link can be created to allow for collaboration and commenting from all types of collaborators, including those without Email on Acid accounts. When comments are left, the account owner who created the share link will receive a communication that shows the feedback, who left it, and when.

To get started on collaboration, first either access your Campaign Precheck project from the Projects page, or start a new project. Click here to learn how to start a Campaign Precheck project. Navigate to the Email Previews step, and create a share link to your project. To learn how to create a share link, click here

The creator of the project, or any recipient of the share link, can now begin collaboration by clicking into any client preview. On the left, the preview can be given a thumbs up or a thumbs down. At the top, the collaborator can click on Add Comments.

Clicking anywhere on the preview will mark that spot for a comment, and a text box will appear to post the comment. Once a comment is entered, simply click Add Comment.

When comments are added, the project owner can go back into the project via the email received to notify of the comment, or directly through the project page. Any preview that has a comment will show a comment bubble, with the number of comments for that specific preview.

The project owner can click into the preview indicated, click on View Comments, and can then go through each of the comments. They can also reply to the commenter to keep a full history of changes.

If you are not currently a Professional or Enterprise account, click here to learn how to upgrade to get access to this feature.