Commenting and Collaboration

This document will walk through commenting, approval and collaboration functions within Email on Acid’s Campaign Precheck.  These tools allow you to seamlessly work through an email campaign with your team and clients.

  • Once you have logged into your Email on Acid account, open your email project by clicking on Projects on the left-hand navigation menu.

EOA Landing Page


  • Click directly on the name of your project to open.

Select Email Project


  • Navigate to Email Previews by clicking on the hamburger menu next to Campaign Precheck Summary.

Email Previews


Thumbnail images appear representing your email for various clients.  From here, you will be able to collaborate and approve these images.   Any user assigned to this project or non-user with a shareable link will be able to work from this page.


  • At the top of the page, you will notice a Share link that enables you to share these previews with others. Click to share.

Share Link


  • Click Copy to copy and paste the shareable link in an email.

Copy Link


  • When your recipient opens the link, they will view a similar page within which they can access previews, comment, approve and/or decline.

Third Party Previews


  • Two other actions are available on the Share You may toggle between turning the link on and off for those who have access to previews through the link you create.  You may also adjust the client previews from your share link by clicking on Change clients.

Other Share Options


  • Select or deselect the clients you wish your recipients to have access to, then click

Change Clients


  • To move forward with collaboration, click on the thumbnail you wish to work on.

Email Preview Thumbnail


  • Click thumbs up or down at the top left of the screen to indicate if the image “looks good” or “needs work,” respectively.

Thumbs Up and Down


  • When finished, click the X to close the preview and return to the thumbnails.

Close Preview


  • To comment on the preview, first click on Add Comments and you will see a comment window appear. Click on the area of your email that you wish to comment on.

Click on Image to Add Comment


  • Once you click on the area, a location number will appear that corresponds with your comment on the right. Click Add Comment.

Finish Adding Comment


  • You may continue adding comments; comments and the user who made them will appear on the right. If a user is commenting using a shared link, the name will appear as Guest.

Multiple Comments


  • The campaign tester will also receive an email when comments are posted.

New Comment Email


  • Notifications will also appear on the main page as comments are made for your review.

Comment Notifications

  • Collaboration tools exist within comments, as well. Click on the ellipses next to a comment to select from three options: Edit, Mark as Resolved or Delete.
  • You can also Reply to an existing comment.

Collaboration Tools in Comments 

  • You may also leave comments on different views, such as landscape mode on a mobile device. To adjust the view, click on the icon at the top.

Adjust View


  • You can now comment on this view. Simply click the icon, again, to toggle back and forth.

Alt View Comment


  • Click the X to return to the thumbnails.
  • You will notice an email that has received feedback will show the thumbs up or thumbs down, as well as indicate how many comments have been made.

Preview with Feedback


  • If you make changes that can have a visual impact, you have the ability to Retest previews by selecting this option in CPK.

Retest Previews


  • A new version will generate, allowing you to comment on this test without overriding any commenting history. To view previous tests/comments, click on Version History and select your test.

Version History


  • Next to Version History is the Share icon; you may now create a shareable link for all versions of the test. Click

Share Versions


  • You may select versions to share; comments made will remain with the test version the user is working on.

Share link for different tests




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