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The Best Customer Journey Mapping Tools for Email Marketers


When it’s time to visualize the path a prospect takes to purchase a product or service, what are the best customer journey mapping tools out there?

The strategy needs to come first. If you’re just starting this process, be sure to check out our white paper on effective customer journey mapping, and read about how to align email and customer journeys. After you’ve done your research, dug through the data, and brainstormed your butts off, you’ll finally be ready to visualize your company’s customer journey.

This is an important final step. You’ll want to create a polished resource reflecting your hard work that people can use as a reference. Plus, your team may need to present journey maps to leadership.

As an email marketer, the best customer journey mapping tools allow your team to show how a welcome series, transactional emails, automated nurture tracks, and newsletters are part of the mix.

Whether you want to do it yourself using in-house designers and resources, or you’re looking for software that makes visualization easy, we’ve compiled our recommendations for the best customer journey mapping tools.

DIY customer journey mapping tools

You don’t necessarily need specific software to plot customer journey maps. The tools you already have on hand may be just the ticket. Spreadsheets, slide presentations, and design software give you the flexibility to design journey maps as you see fit. A journey mapping application simplifies the process, but it could also limit your options.

Here are a few DIY tools and templates you can use to build-your-own customer journey map.

Digital whiteboard options

With the rise of remote work, more marketing teams are trading in the conference room whiteboard and paper sticky notes for an online tool. Even if you are still working in an office setting, a digital whiteboard lets you share projects and save them as long as you want. No more snapping photos of the whiteboard so you can erase it before the next meeting.

At Email on Acid, our product and marketing teams used Miro to map the customer lifecycle. We also use it for other types of remote collaboration, brainstorming, and planning. Here’s a customer journey map template from Miro you can use to get started.

Other online whiteboard options to explore:

If your company uses Microsoft products, the diagramming solution Microsoft Visio also works as a collaborative journey mapping tool.

Adobe’s customer journey mapping resources

If your company has in-house designers with time and talent, you can use Adobe products like InDesign to create a customer journey map from scratch. Check out Adobe’s recommendations for the process of outlining and visualizing customer journeys. It includes storyboarding, empathy maps, and more.

Marketo from Adobe offers Advanced Journey Analytics, which provides a drag and drop mobled building as well as templates. Adobe Campaign and Adobe’s customer journey analytics are also useful tools that can help email marketers parse data to better understand subscribers.

Airtable’s customer journey mapping resources

You may also be able to use project management software as a customer journey mapping tool. For example, Airtable has templates for various roadmaps, Gannt charts, customer success management, and user story mapping that could be customized to help email marketers layout campaigns along the timeline of a typical customer journey.

HubSpot’s customer journey mapping resources

HubSpot is always good for a free template or two. The popular CRM offers a download with seven customer journey templates you can use to get started. These follow a basic grid format, which isn’t extremely visual, but it is a great way to organize everything logically.

HubSpot Academy also offers a free lesson on customer journey mapping. Plus, you can read about how HubSpot created its own customer journey maps. Tip: They suggest thinking about design last.

Salesforce’s customer journey mapping resources

Larger organizations may be more likely to use a CRM like Salesforce, which also has some solid customer journey mapping resources, including a template.

Email marketers may be interested in the blueprint for creating email moments, which aligns well with customer journeys. Salesforce also published a series of infographics on journey mapping and a customer journey worksheet.

Mailchimp’s Customer Journey Builder

Mailchimp is one of the leading email service providers in the world. It offers a tool called the Customer Journey Builder that lets email marketers build automations for individual contacts, creating unique journeys triggered by certain interactions. If Mailchimp is your chosen ESP, this option is worth exploring.

Get more info from Mailchimp on defining the customer journey and check out the video below to see how their tool works.

A list of customer journey mapping templates

The best customer journey mapping software

Depending on your time, resources, and the number of journey maps you’re creating, customer journey mapping software could be a big help. These tools typically offer drag and drop templates that give teams a fast and flexible way to build journey maps.

Here’s a collection of tools we think are among the best:


UXpressia describes its solution as a central place for creating customer experience assets. Besides customer journey maps, it offers persona building tools, impact maps, and paid courses. Like many of the whiteboard tools, UXpressia lets you work on digital projects collaboratively.

You can get one project and one user for free and Professional plans start at $24 a month per user.


Mapovate bills itself as the first journey mapping software with dynamic real-time, voice of the customer analytics. What that means is you can use this service to take customer surveys that feed into the software. Paid Mapovate plans come with a subscription to KnowledgeTRAK, its customer experience measurement solution. But Mapovate also says it can integrate with existing systems.

Try it with a free two-week trial. Paid plans start at $99 a month, which includes three journey maps.


Smaply is an intuitive online solution for journey mapping, personas, and stakeholder maps. It boasts quite a few different recognizable brands as its customers. The drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to build maps with a set of common elements.

A 14-day trial is available. Smaply plans start at around $30 USD per month and include unlimited journey maps within three overall projects. You’ll need a higher plan for live sharing and commenting features, but you can export maps as PDFs or PNGs with a Starter plan.


Lucidchart is an advanced diagramming tool marketing teams can use to build journey maps. It’s not exclusively used for journey mapping. Lucidchart is also a tool for designing software, organizational flowcharts, and more.

A free plan gets you three documents and 100 templates. Paid plans start at just $7.95 a month for individuals. Team plans are $9 per month/per user and include real-time commenting for collaboration and integrations with a wide variety of other applications.

Touchpoint Dashboard

Touchpoint Dashboard offers drag-and-drop functionality that allows you to visualize journey maps without a designer. It also lets users add data and multi-media to specific touchpoints in the customer lifecycle. There are collaboration and reporting features as well as the ability to analyze maps with charts and graphs. Plus, there’s a feature for presenting Touchpoint Dashboard journey maps.

Touchpoint Dashboard does not provide pricing information on its website.

What’s the best customer journey mapping tool for you?

The best customer journey mapping tools for an email marketing team depend on a variety of factors. What’s the size of your organization, and what type of journey mapping solution fits in your budget? How much control do you want? Do you need to integrate with other platforms? What other departments will provide input and use these resources? How often do you plan to update your customer journey maps?

If you’re just starting the process of mapping your customer journeys, it can seem a bit daunting. To help you nail down the right approach, we’ve released a report that includes the results of a survey of best-in-class-marketers. Download Effective Customer Journey Mapping: Keys to Success for Email Marketers and gain clarity into how teams overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

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Author: Trevor Rawls

Trevor is Email on Acid's Digital Marketing Manager. Before joining Email on Acid, he developed marketing strategies for companies in technology, education, and eCommerce. Trevor owns two cats that he walks on leashes around the greater Denver area.

Author: Trevor Rawls

Trevor is Email on Acid's Digital Marketing Manager. Before joining Email on Acid, he developed marketing strategies for companies in technology, education, and eCommerce. Trevor owns two cats that he walks on leashes around the greater Denver area.

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