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Accessibility Standards in Email Marketing for 2019-2020


There’s never been a more exciting time to be part of the email world. We’re bombarded from all sides with new tech and interactive ways to engage subscribers. One topic we’re especially excited about is accessibility standards in email.

With over a billion visually-impaired people worldwide, it is more important than ever to create messages that every subscriber can read and understand, regardless of visual impairment or disability. It’s a practice that benefits everyone, subscribers and brands alike. Making emails accessible is quite simple when you have the right tools.

We recently compiled a complete guide on accessibility standards in email marketing. You’ll learn global stats and figures and best practices with code and design. Plus, don’t miss the part about the ROI of accessible emails.

Here’s a little sneak peak. Check it out and bookmark it to have nearby for reference as you weave accessibility standards into your email strategy.

Preview of the Accessibility Standards guide


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Author: Melissa Berdine

Venturing from her DC and NYC roots, Melissa made the trek to Denver. With just her dog and a background of copywriting and editing, she joined Email on Acid as content manager. Melissa is known to friends as an avid cook and music festival enthusiast.

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