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The 9 Best Email Marketing Podcasts of 2022

There are a lot of podcasts out there. In fact, we feel very comfortable saying there are a plethora of podcasts to choose from. But if you’re done with Serial and Joe Rogan has you feeling tapped out… we’ve got some podcast recommendations to expand the minds of email marketers like you.

The best email marketing podcasts hit on all the relevant topics of the industry, including deliverability, opt-in headaches, segmentation, spam filters, list building, design, and so much more. The podcasts on this list offer terrific ways to stay current with email marketing, get solutions to common challenges, and remain knowledgeable about the ever-developing technology.

If you’re looking for a new podcast, here’s a list of nine of the best email marketing podcasts going strong in 2022 (in no particular order).

1. Email’s Not Dead

Logo for email's not dead podcast from Mailgun

Hosted by Eric Trinidad and Jonathan Torres, technical account managers at Sinch Mailgun, Email’s Not Dead focuses on how developers and marketers can get better at sending emails so they please their subscribers and maximize email deliverability. 

With a fun, light-hearted, conversational approach and great guests, you’ll be entertained and educated all at the same time. This is easily the most technically advanced podcast on this list, targeting experienced email marketers who understand the challenges of maintaining a healthy sender reputation and fighting spam, as well as engaging subscribers.

Recent episodes have covered things like the difference between warming up an IP versus a new domain with the help of Google Postmaster Tools, pleasing spam filters and improving deliverability, and using DMARC to prevent spoofing and phishing.

Recent guests include Matthew Smith from Really Good Emails, and Laura Atkins, a consultant who helps companies improve their sender reputations and stay on the good side of the mailbox providers.

2. Humans of Email

Humans of email podcast logo

We're all humans. Even email marketers. And the host of this new email marketing podcast are here to prove it.

Hosted by Natalie Jackson and Jen Capstraw, Humans of Email feels very much like a radio show, with a group of personable, fun people sitting around chewing the fat about email marketing. (Note: Sinch Email on Acid is a proud sponsor of season one!)

It’s great entertainment. They and their guests frequently share email marketing mistakes they’ve made in the past, lessons learned, and industry awareness. You’ll enjoy hearing stories from their guests, gleaning tips from their expertise, and learning about their career trajectories.

Jen is a speaker, consultant, trainer, and the president of Women of Email, a networking and mentorship organization with over 6000 members. Natalie is a frequent speaker at industry events, and is the director of Demand Generation at CBIZ

3. Inboxing

Inboxing podcast logo

Hosted by email marketer Hillel Berg, Inboxing typically features just one guest at a time, so it’s two people talking about email for an hour or so, unlike the group dynamic of the first two podcasts.

That makes the conversations in Inboxing more focused and directed, and they tend to get much further into each topic. Perhaps they have a little less fun because there aren’t as many personalities in the room, but you’ll come away feeling like you learned a lot. Email on Acid’s Megan Boshuyzen was featured on a recent episode

Inboxing tends to focus more on the marketing and the user experience side of email, and less on the technical side. 

4. The Email Marketing Show

One of the longest-running email marketing podcasts, The Email Marketing Show is also one of the most entertaining. Run by two British guys named Rob and Kennedy, and with the humor – or should we say humour – to go with it, you’ll laugh at every episode.

It’s much more on the lighthearted end at first, but once the conversation gets going, they’re very good at letting the guest talk freely without interruption. The target audience is probably business owners who are looking to grow, and who know they need to get better at email marketing. It also discusses topics like blogging, reducing abandoned carts, and saving time.

The hosts will tell you again and again that you need to email more and sell more. They’re not afraid to spend thirty minutes talking about nasty replies to your emails and how to respond to them constructively. 

5. Inbox Besties

Inbox Besties is a personality-driven email marketing podcast from Kate Doster, a course creator and content producer who helps new and growing business owners gain confidence in their ability to use email, blogs, and other forms of marketing. 

Many of these podcasts feature her alone, sharing ideas of what to send your email list. She’s relatable, practical, and understands the challenges of starting and growing a business. 

As Kate puts it, her podcast gives “dangerously practical advice,” and is geared toward other course creators, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners starting new side ventures. Inbox Besties works to demystify email marketing and inspire you to keep working, keep trying, keep communicating, and keep producing.

6. Email Einstein

email einstein podcast graphic

A less flashy and more calm email marketing podcast, Email Einstein is hosted by Vira Sadlak and Alissa Taggart, two colleagues from Flowium, an email marketing agency. 

With this podcast, you’ll feel like you’re having a good conversation over lunch with someone at work. Each episode dives deep into just one topic, and touches on things like content and marketing ideas, email deliverability and spam, segmentation and automation tips, and subject lines. Email on Acid’s Megan Boshuyzen recently came on the show to talk about email accessibility after meeting the hosts at a conference.

Unlike some other podcasts, Email Einstein is a bit shorter too, usually running at about 30 minutes per episode. So if you’re looking for a lighter time commitment and need practical advice geared toward business owners who want to produce effective email marketing, this podcast might be your best choice.

7. The Future of Email Marketing

email marketing podcast image for Future of Email

Campaign Genius founder Matthew Dunn hosts this guest-driven conversational podcast that touches on email marketing as well as broader marketing and copywriting topics. It’s a video podcast too, which increases your ability to connect with the guests.

The Future of Email is like a ‘pick your brain’ experience, where each episode features a guest who owns a business or agency, or is an influencer in email marketing. You’ll spend an hour learning about whatever that person specializes in, or just benefitting from their experience and perspective.

The Future of Email will get you thinking about the bigger picture for your business, your industry, and your audience, as well as the technology of marketing. 

8. Conversations with an Email Guru

Email guru podcast graphic with caricature of Amy Mangueira

For small businesses, startups, and companies wanting to commit to and grow their email marketing channel, Conversations with an Email Guru is a good resource. 

Hosted by Amy Mangueira from the Email Growth Society and featuring shorter, bite-sized episodes, this podcast is best for people who have little experience or knowledge about email marketing but are committed to learning, growing, and using it for their business. 

Conversations with an Email Guru covers email best practices like segmentation and list growth, as well as customer lifecycle marketing tips, case studies, and discussions around email technology. Some episodes feature guests, while others are solo presentations where Amy talks directly to the listener.

9. Easy Email Marketing

easy email marketing podcast graphic

Yael Keon has been doing email marketing herself for 20 years. In her Easy Email Marketing podcast, she shares her expertise with business owners, bloggers, and startups who are looking to grow a high-quality email list and convert subscribers into buyers. 

Easy Email Marketing is mostly a solo podcast where Yael presents directly to her listeners. Thus, it’s entirely focused on the topic being discussed, and there’s very little wasted time. 

You’ll learn about segmentation, marketing, and lead generation. Most notable in this podcast is the in-depth look at various email service providers (ESPs). She does whole-episode deep dives into MailerLite, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, and others. 

She also exposes her own email marketing methods, taking you behind the curtain so you can see how she structures her email communications, and how she’s able to work only 12 hours per week.

Any email marketing podcasts missing?

Are we missing what you consider the best email marketing podcast? Help us make this a Top 10 list for crying out loud.

We’d love to keep adding more podcasts to this page so people can find the right fit for their level of understanding and experience around email marketing.

By the way… be on the lookout for a new video series from Email on Acid coming in May. You won’t want to miss Notes from the Dev: Video Edition, featuring our own Megan Boshuyzen and email geeks with tips to share.

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