Email on Acid API

White Label Solutions: Our Software, your Platform

This post was updated on June 18th, 2020. It was originally published in January, 2010.

Create the best experience for your customers, no labels attached.

Our API technology is designed for you to keep your customers by creating a stickiness that keeps them engaged on your platform for longer. This means they stop losing momentum, they stop losing time, and they stop straight up losing their mind. From ten open tabs to one, customers will have the capability to send perfect emails while staying in a single application: yours. The Email on Acid White Label Solution completes the puzzle of an ESP looking to go from an average sending platform to an all-in-one technology that provides the best experience for customers. Our powerful API tests emails on 80+ devices so that marketers can fix email errors on your platform before hitting send. While the technology behind it is complex, our White Label product is simple and customizable.

You get to decide:

  1. How the technology will be displayed, archived, and tracked

While we will provide you with our standard user interface and a framework for the look and feel, it is up to you how you use it.

  1. Which devices customers can test on

You can offer your customers the capability to view email renders on all available devices, or you can be the expert for them by providing only the 20 most popular devices.

  1. If deliverability is part of the QA

The email previews White Label Solution comes with spam testing. When choosing to add this to your customer’s experience, you’ll provide visibility into their email sends through inbox placement and performance insight.

  1. What analytics data customers receive

Everybody is looking for analytics. Most ESPs offer data for their marketers, yet none of them collect as much robust post-deployment information as our API technology.

Separate from our email previews API, our analytics API is a magical technology that will not only go through open rates and clicks but will also provide your customers with a deeper understanding of their subscribers like engagement tracking and Geolocation. Click here to see an example report of what your data could look like.  No matter how you customize our White Label API, the results are all the same. You will create a first-class experience for your customers, develop stickiness in your platform, and empower your customers to achieve email perfection. Check out how Iterable partnered with us this past year to drive value for customers like Zillow, Door Dash, AT&T, and Stack Overflow. Whether you are in the initial phases of developing your platform and want to put the right foot forward with your customers, or you’ve been around for decades and are looking for a simpler and more cost-effective solution, partnering with Email on Acid will take your technology to the next level.