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Do your customers have the ability to test and perfect their email? Offer a streamlined experience by integrating our email testing, spam testing and analytics into your app or platform.

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Send Confidence

Give your users the confidence to hit “send.”

Our email testing API integration fits seamlessly into your platform and allows your users to test their email design across 90+ clients and devices. It also includes our spam testing tool, which checks email deliverability across the most popular spam filters and most common blacklist services.

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Analytics Integration

In-depth email engagement tracking.

Our analytics integration gives your customers data beyond just open rates. With our analytics tools, they can drill down into detailed subscriber data to better understand their audience and increase ROI.

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“Email on Acid not only helps your emails look good, their software is so easy you would be a fool not to use it! Not only do they provide email rendering, they also provide a topnotch email tracking service that has many features that other companies do not have. I recommend Email on Acid for anyone who sends any marketing emails.”

Ryan Butters, Email Marketing Analyst

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