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Convert Special Characters to HTML Entities [Free Tool]

Coding special characters for HTML emails is one of the trickiest bits of email development. Each special character has a corresponding HTML entity; for example, the Chinese character “漢” has an HTML entity value of “漢“. This means developers often spend time looking up and memorizing code for each special character. It’s not easy! That’s why we’ve created a handy HTML Character Converter. This tool allows you to copy and paste your special characters and instantly convert them to their HTML entities.

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Convert special characters to HTML entities

Why Do I Need to Convert Special Characters to HTML Entities?

Each HTML email has a Content-Type tag that tells the web browser or email application how to interpret text characters in the body of the email. For most emails, this will be UTF-8. You can learn more about Content-Type and why it’s important in this blog post. However, email clients only read the Content-Type value in the email header, which is set by the server sending the email. In many cases, this Content-Type value doesn’t recognize non-Latin characters (like Chinese symbols), which means these characters will show up as a bunch of jumbled text. To avoid this, you can contact your email service provider (ESP) and ask which Content-Type they set in the header and use that value in your email HTML. Or, you can convert all the special characters to their HTML entities, and you won’t have to worry about the Content-Type. Our HTML Character Converter will do this for you in seconds! Learn more about which code you need to include in every email.

Always Test Your Email Code

Whether you’re converting special characters or adjusting the Content-Type, any change to your email code can affect how the message displays. That’s why it’s crucial to test and re-test your email before you hit “send.” Try our platform free for seven days and start testing today!

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