EoA Give Back

It’s Our Time to Give Back

These are unprecedented times, something we have not seen in our generationCOVID-19 is impacting everyone from our loved ones and businesses, to the first responders who are bravely helping to fight this pandemic  Our thoughts are with those that have been impacted by this outbreak, especially those that are sick. We wish them a speedy recovery.  As the situation continues to affect the world around usI wanted to provide an update on how Email on Acid is going to support the beloved email industry. 

Supporting our Community 

Ever since I was a little boy, my parents ingrained in me that we should always give back to those that are in need. Every Christmas, we would go to the local toy store and purchase toys for Toys for Tots. To this day I continue that tradition with my family. I have taken that same mindset and infused it within Email on Acid’s culture. Every quarter I work with my colleagues in supporting charitable organizations. From raising money and purchasing needed goods, to donating our time at local fundraisers, we look for ways to help  With that in mind, Email on Acid would like to give back to the email community.  A community that we are honored to be a part of, for the past 11 years.   We are providing complimentary subscriptions to individuals and organizations that are directly involved with the severely impacted industries. We’re doing this because it’s important that these organizationcontinue to deliver email perfection to their subscribers.   Those complimentary subscriptions will remain active for the foreseeable future. Like you, we're learning more each day, and we're committed to helping impacted industries recover. We don't know how long that will take, so we'll keep you informed and communicate program updates regularly.  These accounts will also have unlimited access to our fully automated pre-deployment checklist (Campaign Precheck) which includes checks for ADA compliance, domain blocklist, and spam testing, and our industry-leading email rendering application. Unlimited add-on seats will also be provided to enable more efficient collaboration between teams that now work remotely.  If you are a current subscriber, let us know and we will review your account to determine if you qualify for an extension. 

Eligible Industries 

  • Clubs 
  • Hotels/Motels 
  • Resorts 
  • Event/Conference Planning/Services 
  • Airlines 
  • Trains 
  • Cruises 
  • Travel Agencies and Supporting Services 
  • Movies/Theaters 
  • Amusement Parks 
  • Concert Venues 
  • Casinos 
  • Large Scale Festivals (SXSW/Coachella) 
  • Musicians 
  • Museums and Tourist Attractions 
  • School-Based Services and Employees 
  • Early Childhood Care Centers 
  • School Districts (K-12) 
  • Restaurants 
  • Food Trucks 
  • Independent Email Consultants and Freelancers  
Non-Profits  We understand there are many more industries that are suffering because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide complimentary access to everyoneWe are actively monitoring the situation and will update the list as more industries are critically impacted.   If your organization is directly involved in one of the industries listed above, click the button below to submit your information for review   Request Complimentary Access