See ya, send anxiety.
Hello, email confidence.

Whether you know HTML or not, our new Campaign Precheck tool gives you the power to fix email mistakes while you QA, so you can create a message that every subscriber can read and understand.

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Campaign Precheck’s accessibility tool lets you optimize your code for screen readers and visually impaired subscribers.

Preheader Text

Be compelling in the inbox.

When your subscribers see your email in the inbox, will they open it? Preview your preheader text and subject line in the most popular email clients, so you can engage readers from the start and boost email ROI.

URL Validation

Don’t lose out on your CTA.

No longer do you have to click on every email link to ensure they are going to the correct landing page. This tool lets you see landing page information without having to leave the application, so you can avoid broken URLs and lost CTAs.

Image Validation

Ensure your message
is loud and clear.

Use our image validation to make sure your images render properly on every email client and device, so every subscriber can see and understand your message. We’ll also optimize GIFs for Microsoft Outlook clients by helping you reset the first frame of the animation.

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