Mozi-Makeovers: Speedo Makes a Splash


Preparing for Success

Mozify is a versatile tool, but sometimes it’s possible to get better results by prepping your images beforehand. In the case of the Speedo email below, it’s obvious why we’d want to use Mozify. This email doesn’t look like much before images are downloaded.

Speedo email

With images downloaded, this email features a fun, summer image and an excellent incentive offer.

downloaded images in speedo email

Using Mozify, we can easily make sure that readers can see that incentive from the moment they open the email. In this example, though, we’re going to go a bit further and create an eye-catching mosaic to go with that incentive offer. We’ll start by doing a bit of photoshop magic to cut up the image, so that we can erase everything but the boys and the pier on the right side of the email.

speedo email photoshop

Now, we’ll mozify the image on the right. I’m going to select the maximum number of rows and columns, to make sure that the kids are still recognizable. This looks like it will add a huge amount of file size (124k), but that will go down in the next step after we merge some areas.

Mozifying an image

I’m going to select areas with coloring in the lake in mind, so first I’ll do the bottom half and then the top half. Merging cells saves you both time and file space, so do this step carefully.

Selecting areas in top half of picture Selecting areas in bottom half of picture

Now I’ll color these cells in with a nice blue for the lake water. Now, in retrospect, I could have done this in Photoshop to save myself some time but you get the idea.

Coloring the lake

Now we’ll mozify the left side of the image nicely, to capture all of the text on that side of the image.

Mozifying left side of image

Here we’ll also use a fairly tight grid, but after merging cells this shouldn’t take up much file size. When merging cells, do so with an eye towards where you’ll want to put text in the image. Make sure each merged area is large enough to hold the text for your headline and the call to action button.

merging cells

I recolored the squares in the left section of the email to match the right section, and added appropriate text.

Last, we remove the reference to the split image from the email and replace it with the original image, so that we can get the following effect: (hover to see images downloaded)

Using a technique like this does require some extra work on the designer’s part, but it’s easy to see what an improvement Mozify made for the images-off version of this email. If this extra effort results in more click-throughs, then it will be well worth it.

What lengths have you gone to for an increase in click-throughs? Stay tuned for a special Mozi-Makeover contest announcement, later this week!

Author: Alex Ilhan

Hailing all the way from England, Alex brings his email development expertise along with an endless stream of cups of tea and British cynicism. Follow him on Twitter: @omgitsonlyalex.

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  1. How much time does it realistically take to complete the process?
    I’ve tried a few times, but mozify crashed most of the times and doing again the whole process was pretty annoying..

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