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Maximize Your Memorial Day Email Marketing ROI with These Features

As marketers, there are specific times of year when we are conditioned to pull out all the stops for the sake of our brands. Normal people call these holidays. Marketers think of them as opportunities. Marketer sips tea. As Memorial Day quickly approaches and email marketers everywhere prepare their messaging, now is the perfect time to make good on your promise to yourself and sign up for a free trial of Email on Acid. With a free trial comes access to our brand new Campaign Precheck tool, the steps of which lead to increased revenue potential and a higher email marketing ROI, as well as unlimited email previews across 70+ clients and devices. Needless to say, there is a revenue boosting opportunity when it comes to holidays and your customers. Don’t miss out on potential income from your email marketing efforts because of inaccessible content, broken links or poor deliverability due to blacklisting.

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Make it Accessible for Every Customer

Accessibility is one of the most overlooked elements of an effective email campaign. Only in certain industries are accessible emails required by law. For brands with a global audience, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1.3 billion people worldwide live with a visual impairment. In regards to domestic audiences, it was estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2017 that 7.5 million Americans live with a visual impairment. That doesn’t stop them from subscribing to email lists. On a global scale, email marketers are missing out on reaching 15% of the 7.7 billion population. Think of how much revenue brands are missing out on because accessible subscribers are an afterthought. Email on Acid’s Accessibility check comes within the Campaign Precheck workflow. It’s your safety net that optimizes code and confirms each image has alt text. This allows subscribers who use screen readers and other visual assistants to fully understand your message. Essentially, this feature allows you to connect with even more subscribers thereby increasing revenue potential and earning a higher email marketing ROI. Campaign Precheck, including the Accessibility step, comes with a seven-day free trial of Email on Acid.

Guide Users to the Point of Conversion

Also, within Campaign Precheck comes URL Validation. This feature double checks each link and redirect in your email so that no CTA is lost. URL Validation prevents broken links and lost CTAs People know a marketing email when they see one. The fact that they’ve still open your emails is a sign of intrigue and engagement in what you have to offer. Nothing kills that intrigue faster than clicking what should be a link or button and having it do nothing or take them to a 404 Not Found. Ouch. Unless your email is just that good to motivate users to find you online, you’ve officially lost the opportunity for revenue in that broken CTA link sitting in everyone’s inbox.

Spam-Proof Your Campaign with a Blacklist Scan

Here’s a fun fact to keep in your back pocket: nearly half of all emails sent worldwide end up in spam. Have you ever looked in your own spam folder and realized THAT’S where all those emails were going? Very few people check their spam folders. The good news is Campaign Precheck includes a blacklist check and spam test to ensure your email lands in the inbox. Spam-proof your emails so they hit every inbox This feature scans major blacklist sites for your domain. If yours aren't on any, you are good to go. If Campaign Precheck does locate your domain anywhere on a blacklist, the blacklist site can guide you through their process of removing your domain before your email's deployment.

Try it Yourself and Maximize Your Revenue

These are only a handful of the tools Campaign Precheck offers. They’re all available to you (among many others) with a free seven-day trial of Email on Acid. What do you have to gain? An increase in revenue and email marketing ROI. What do you have to lose? The thirty seconds it takes to create a username and password. We’re comfortable with that trade.
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While you can use our email readiness platform in a variety of ways, we’ve designed the optimal predeployment checklist with Campaign Precheck. It streamlines and simplifies the entire pre-send process for efficiency and accuracy. Log in now to start using Campaign Precheck. Or, sign up for your free trial today!

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