Emails During COVID-19

Email Marketing Examples in the Time of COVID-19

The Good, the Bad, and the Unsubscribes

The last few weeks have been intense. Many of us have taken to our homes, figuring out how to work (and live) remotely. The news is bad...and painful...and scary.

Our friends and family are constantly in our thoughts, as are our fellow humans around the world who are watching and experiencing all of this together—in a collective drama that hasn't happened since at least World War II—if not since the Dark Ages.

And in the middle of all of this is email marketing...What?!?

We're still receiving and sending emails, with brands stumbling to find their footing. Some companies are sending emails of support, information, and a peppering of humor (thankfully). Others are struggling to find their voice—landing in inboxes with a thud—and making subscribers seek out the unsubscribe button with vigilance.

Some Good Ones We've Seen

Amongst all of this uncertainty and emails...lots of emails...we've received some really great messaging. Brands that have handled recent events in the right way.

The following are a few examples of COVID-19 email messaging done right.  Emails that do a great job of delivering thoughtful, genuine messages to their communities—offering love and support in the best way they know how.

SimplyBe Agency

SL: Can we talk on Tuesday?

The founder of SimplyBe Agency, Jessica, sent an email prior to this one in the wake of COVID-19 being declared a pandemic and many businesses going remote. In that one, she states, “My gift has always been knowing how to communicate authentically online to grow and sustain my business. I realize what a deep responsibility I have to share this gift with everyone I can. Understanding how to stay relevant online is an asset that is universally needed right now by every single person in business, and beyond.”

The email below is her follow-through of that, echoing, “My team and I are dedicated to helping you navigate today, tomorrow and beyond by teaching you how to leverage your online presence to not only sustain, but actually grow your business.”

Simplybee COVID-19 email example

Taking a note from SimplyBe, how can your brand be in service to its customers right now? Are you in a position to help bridge a gap for people? Now is the time for brands to give back, to offer help, not solicit sales.

Tru Earth

SL: Can we help you?

Tru Earth is also reaching out to be in service to its audience. They know that people have panic-shopped, and basic resources are scarce, including laundry detergent. Tru Earth is in a position to help. They have detergent and are still shipping.  Plus, they’re less expensive AND better for the environment than bottled detergent anyway, and, they’re also on sale!

Look how they casually mention a pack is good for 384 loads, aka quarantine friendly.

TruEarth COVID-19 email example 


SL: 🏠Notion for remote work

Notion leveled with their community, sharing their own experience distancing their teams due to COVID-19, and the changes they made to their platform to be more suited for remote work.

Companies big and small are learning how to navigate a fully remote operation. Notion was in a position to recognize those same challenges and make enhancements to their platform so other companies can stay on track with projects as they make the transition to fully remote.

Complete with how-to GIFs directing the exact use of their new features, they were able to communicate the changes quickly and easily. Email from Notion

This was a long one, click here to see the entire email

Wild + Wolf

SL: We’re here for you

Wild + Wolf recognized a chance to help families (and especially parents) pass the time in fun ways.

There is such a thing as “too much togetherness” and people genuinely need help dealing with it. Subscribers aren’t looking for any single brand to solve all of this. They’re just looking for a little love, support, and help while we all learn to navigate these troubled waters.

Wild & Wolf email 

World Wildlife Fund

SL: Checking in on you

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) starts on a level playing field with readers—knowing that they’re writing that email from their couch, same as we’re reading it from ours.

The tone is genuine and implores the subscriber to take extra good care of themselves. They go on to offer some activities that can help pass the time or just take your mind off things. And, since it’s relevant for their subscribers, they also offer ways readers can still make an impact from home.

WWF COVID-19 email example 

A Common Thread

So what do all of the good Covid-19 emails we're seeing have in common? They put their customers first.

It may not feel like it now, but eventually, this pandemic will end.  We'll pick up the pieces and resume a normal—if not profoundly different life. Subscribers will remember during this time which of their favorite brands were truly in service to their customers and which were not.

A Word of Advice, Be in Service to Your Community

What we are experiencing is a great reminder of why empathy and humanity are so important: we are all in this together.

As email marketers, we need to advocates for our communities. We need to show how we can help our subscribers through these challenging times. Be the leader of your community; adapt your marketing to sensitivity around COVID-19.

We're Here to Help

With these unprecedented times, Email on Acid wanted to figure out our own way of helping—a way to give back to the email community. That's why we've decided to give individuals and organizations that are directly involved with severely impacted industries a complimentary subscription to our platform. We want email marketers to continue delivering email perfection, even in these troubled times.

If your brand is feeling the pressure from the pandemic and could use some support, click here to learn more about our Give Back initiative.

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