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5 Ways to Improve Your Email Campaigns

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To say that today's email inboxes are overcrowded is an understatement. An estimated 93 billion marketing emails are sent each day, yet only 22 percent of them are opened. The struggle for attention in the inbox is real.

But don't despair. In the spirit of the new year and starting afresh, here are five easy ways to improve your email marketing efforts to get better results:

1. Start with segmentation

List segmentation has been found to increase open rates by as much as 14 percent. Yet only 30 percent of marketers personalize their email content. Reverse the tide and begin your campaign process by thinking about segmentation.

What information do you already have-or could you easily obtain-to make your emails more relevant and targeted to the individuals on your list? From demographics to digital behavior, start using data to increase the relevancy of the emails you send.

2. Make a good first impression

As the popular saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your email's subject line and preheader (or preview) text are that first impression in the inbox. In fact, 35 percent of email recipients say that they open an email based on subject line alone.

To make the most of this valuable inbox real estate, keep your subject lines short and relevant. A maximum of 50 characters in length will display on most mobile devices. In addition, be sure to use the 50-140 characters of preheader text to entice readers to open your email. And we've got plenty of ideas about how to maximize that space.

3. Design with mobile in mind

Once your email has been opened, first impressions are still key, especially for mobile users. As many as 70 percent of smartphone users say that they will delete emails immediately if they do not render properly on their device.

The best mobile experiences in email are created with the use of responsive or fluid hybrid templates. If your email service provider does not already offer these types of templates, there are many available online both for free and for a minimal fee. If you code your own emails or have an email developer, there are responsive email design tutorials online, too.

We've got an entire blog post dedicated to mobile optimization. Once you have customized and optimized a template that should look good across clients, platforms and devices, test it to make sure that it does.

4. Simplify your content

Mobile users likely read your emails while they are on the go, which makes it important to simplify the content you include. Long text blocks and competing calls to action will reduce your ability to garner click throughs and conversions.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, you have approximately 8.25 seconds to capture someone's attention and data from several years ago suggested that emails were open, on average, 15-20 seconds. So, set a timer. Open a test version of your email campaign on your mobile device and determine if what you want to convey in the email is easily understood in this short amount of time.

5. Stick the landing

Even though your campaign landing pages are not inside of the email environment, they still comprise half of the conversion equation. Still, many marketers make the mistake of spending a lot of time and effort to optimize their emails for mobile devices but then forget to do the same for their landing pages and website.

In fact, only 48 percent of marketers build a new landing page for each of their marketing campaigns. Commit to being top of class by taking the time to optimize your landing pages with responsive design, as well. And, be sure that the design and copy on the landing page match the design and copy of your email for a seamless customer experience.

Make 2016 the year you improve your results by prioritizing your email marketing program! We've even got a free download to help you remember these five easy steps when you start to plan and execute your email campaigns:

When email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter combined and 68 percent of companies rank it as the best channel for ROI, it's well worth your time and effort to do it right.

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Great post! Segmentation is so, so important. At Klaviyo, we recommend getting as personalized as possible with your segments. To start, try segmenting based on gender, location, and first-time vs. new customers. You can also create VIP segments based on amount of money spent, or upsell/cross-sell related products based on what a customer has already purchased.
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