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GIFs and Outlook: What Can We Do?

So, you want to use a GIF in your next email marketing campaign? Nice! GIFs are an easy way of adding something fun to your campaigns. You know your target audience, you have your email developed, and now you must decide on the GIF itself with your graphic designer. The next problem facing you is email client support.

Which Email Clients Support GIFs?

Desktop Email ClientGIFs Supported?
Apple MailYES
Outlook 2003YES
Outlook 2007-2016NO
Outlook on OSXYES
Lotus Notes 8 & 8.5YES
Webmail ClientGIFs Supported?
Mobile Email ClientsGIFs Supported?
Android (Native App)YES
Android (Gmail App)YES
iPhone (Native App)YES
iPhone (Gmail App)YES

Outlook, the bane of email developers. Outlook desktop applications from 2007 onwards use Microsoft Word to render HTML emails. That’s the reason why that these clients tend to be so difficult to develop for, and why GIFs will only show the first frame.

An Alternative Solution for Outlook Subscribers

“Just make sure your call-to-action (CTA), or the most important information, is on the first frame of the GIF.”

Does this sound familiar?

Talk about limiting your options. For a few of you out there, this might not be a large concern, and you and your designer can work around it to provide something meaningful for Outlook subscribers. However, there is an alternative: Use conditional code to target both Outlook and all non-Outlook email clients.

It’s as simple as this:

<!--[if !mso]><!-->

<img class="outlookcomIMG" src="ANIMATED.gif">


<!--[if gte mso 9]>

<img src="STATIC.jpg">


The first of these snippets will treat your non-Outlook readers to the GIF experience. The second snippet will show a static image of your choice to your Outlook reader. This method allows for a more targeted experience without compromising the design or choice of GIF in your campaign.

Following this, the GIF-supported audience will receive this cute corgi image!

Corgi animated GIF

And your Outlook readers will get this adorable image instead:

Static corgi photo
Photo by Dave Crosby. 2004. Source: Wikipedia.


Yes, this is another step added to the process, but it will help you create a positive experience for every user. Rather than, “it will do because of the limitations,” why not offer something a little more personalized?

How Will My GIFs Look in Email on Acid?

When testing your GIFs in Email on Acid, keep in mind that our previews are static images, so you won’t be able to see the animation as it would appear on a live device. Odds are the screen-capture process will grab them mid-animation, but rest assured this is perfectly normal. It means they’re animating just fine! If you use the conditional code above, you’ll see the Outlook previews showcasing the new image you chose for that specific audience.

Note: It looks like one of the international clients we offer previews for doesn’t support Outlook conditional comments! Be sure to note where your audiences are opening and use with caution. And, as always, test, test, test!

Don’t guess, test

Email clients are constantly changing, which is why it’s important to test your email every time; what worked yesterday might not work today. Email on Acid offers unlimited email testing on more than 70 clients and devices, so you can make sure your email looks good before it hits the inbox. Want to see for yourself? Take advantage of our free, seven-day trial.

Test Today

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