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600+ Free Email Templates to Freshen Up Your Campaigns


Note: We’ve updated this resource of free email templates for 2021!

Before you walk into a job interview, you probably plan your outfit carefully. It’s the very first thing your potential employer will see, so it’s crucial to make a good first impression. You may want to wear something that says “trustworthy and professional, but friendly and easy to work with.”

A template is essentially the outfit that emails wear the very first time subscribers interact with a brand (and many times after that!). Email templates say a lot about the company they represent, so it’s important to choose ones that communicate the right message and feel. 

But you don’t want to spend hours weeding through templates or building one from the ground up. So we’ve gone through thousands of options to compile this list of free email templates — they’re all effective, great resources that start you off on the right foot!

A comprehensive list of free email templates


Free responsive MJML email templates

MJML (Mailjet Markup Language) is a framework, designed by the people at Mailjet, that makes it easy to create responsive emails without extensive coding knowledge. All you need is a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. 

They put together a library of responsive email templates designed for specific purposes — referral, welcome, and holiday emails, for example. You don’t need an account to use these templates. Just choose one, convert MJML to HTML with the click of a button, and use it with the ESP of your choosing.

Make your own responsive email templates for free!

Mailjet also offers its own free email template builder that automatically creates a set of traditional MJML and HTML emails: welcome series, transactional emails, free trials, password reset, etc. (Note that some of the auto-generated templates are specific to SaaS email marketing.) Find out more about using Mailjet’s automated template builder.


unlayer free templates for email

Unlayer, a drag-and-drop email builder, offers a variety of both premium and free email templates. It’s super easy to find the right one for your specific needs — you can filter the library by occasion (like 4th of July), usage (like abandoned cart), and industry (like electronics). 

You’ll need to enter an email address to use the free templates, but they work with most major ESPs and have been tested with Email on Acid to ensure that they look good for all of your subscribers. You can also make edits as needed without any code.


Mailbakery email template examples

MailBakery is a service that codes and designs email marketing templates. They offer both premium and free templates that you can easily adapt depending on your goals, audience, and brand. 

You can live preview each design and choose between the free and premium versions (the latter of which typically has more content). Plus, templates work with all major ESPs, are responsive, and have been tested on 40+ devices and browsers.


Email template samples from Themezy

Themezy offers dozens of free website templates and themes, along with a variety of email templates. You can preview them on desktop, tablet, and mobile and read reviews from users to help you select the right one for your needs.


Pixelbuddha email template samples

Pixelbuddha creates free and premium design resources, including email templates, for marketing professionals. Their templates are all responsive, written in HTML, and work with the most popular ESPs.


zurb email templates

ZURB developed an advanced, intuitive front-end framework for websites and emails called Foundation. It’s clean and ultra-responsive, so it’s no surprise that their free email templates have the same level of quality. 

Every design is super simple and clean, the perfect blank canvas for customization. You can easily preview each one to find the perfect fit.

Campaign Monitor

campaign monitor templates

Campaign Monitor offers its own email template builder. You can use the builder for free (no account required) and it does a bang-up job meeting a variety of needs. 

Once you’re done creating, you can import it straight into your Campaign Monitor account or download it for use with the ESP of your choosing. Note that you will need to input your email to download the HTML files.

Sample of Stripo email templates

The editor boasts an astounding 700+ free email templates categorized by industry, type of email, and season. Each template lists the ESPs it works with and whether or not it’s been tested using Email on Acid.

You can quickly edit your template using the drag-and-drop builder, but to export, test, or save your work, you will need a free account. 


Active campaign templates

ActiveCampaign is a full-service ESP that offers email marketing, automations, omnichannel marketing, and more. You can access their free template library (with 125+ designs!) after creating an account.

Templates are organized by purpose — like a newsletter or a holiday email — and all you have to do is customize your information and hit “send.”


BEE free email templates

BEE (Best Email Editor) is a standalone email editor as well as a service embedded within other software. They also offer a ton of beautiful, professional email templates for free, which you can filter by use, industry, and season. They have options for everything from free newsletter templates to webinar invites and fundraising requests. And, as a bonus, they test all of their templates with Email on Acid, so you know it will work for all of your subscribers.

After finding one you like, you can use the drag-and-drop editor to make any necessary changes. Then, just download a folder with all the HTML and images.  

99 Designs

99 designs emails

99 Designs is a platform for outsourcing and crowdsourcing graphic design work. But they also offer a great, free template pack on their blog. It includes three types of templates — email newsletter, promotional email, and personal notification email — in several colors, and you just need to input your email address to download the files. It’s the perfect starter pack!

Free Mail Templates

Free mail templates screenshot

This website lists 70+ free email templates, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the right one for you. It’s essentially a compilation of options from across the web, so each template links to the external site where you can download it.  

Benchmark Email

Benchmark email templates

Benchmark has a suite of email marketing tools, with both free and paid plans available. They also have a variety of free campaign templates that range from super specific (like a sports newsletter) to more generic (like a promotional email). You can download any free email template you choose without an account and customize it to your liking.

Email on Acid

Email on Acid free templates

Over the years, we’ve built up a foolproof selection of templates. We created some of the templates in-house, while others are built by trusted email developers. The best part? They’re all free to use if you have an Email on Acid account.

But wait; you still need to test!

All of the free email templates above are designed to give you a leg up and save you time when it comes to creating beautiful, effective messages. But even if you use the highest-quality template, you’ll still need to test your email.

Why? Because even the smallest change to the code could cause issues when rendering your email on different browsers and devices. But don’t worry; the testing process doesn’t have to be time-consuming either!

With Email on Acid, you can quickly preview your email on popular clients and devices so you know that it looks great for each and every subscriber. Plus, you can easily share your email design with clients and stakeholders, review the design for accessibility, and more! 

Avoid embarrassing mistakes and get started with Email on Acid.  

Even Great Emails Need to Be Tested

It’s true: Even well-designed emails can break from time to time. That’s why email testing is an important part of sending a successful campaign. Sinch Email on Acid tests your email code quickly and accurately, allowing you to preview your design across more than 100 of the most popular email clients and devices. Try us free and start delivering email perfection!

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Author: The Email on Acid Team

The Email on Acid content team is made up of digital marketers, content creators, and straight-up email geeks.

Connect with us on LinkedIn, follow us on Facebook, and tweet at @EmailonAcid on Twitter for more sweet stuff and great convos on email marketing.

Author: The Email on Acid Team

The Email on Acid content team is made up of digital marketers, content creators, and straight-up email geeks.

Connect with us on LinkedIn, follow us on Facebook, and tweet at @EmailonAcid on Twitter for more sweet stuff and great convos on email marketing.

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